Mariner girls and Ninilchik boys take top spots in Winter Carnival tourney

The Homer girls won the Winter Carnival basketball tournament with a 3-0 record, while Ninilchik came out on top of the boys event. The Wolverines, Homer and Delta all finished 2-1 at the tournament, but Ninilchik won the tiebreaker.

The Homer girls finished off their title Saturday with a 53-18 victory over Ninilchik to move to 11-6 overall and drop the Wolverines to 8-10 overall.

Sydney Shelby had 18 for the Mariners on Saturday, while Channing Lowney had 11, Lillie Mae Kuhn had 9, Keagan Niebuhr had 7, Minadora Reutov had 4, Madalyn Miotke had 2, and Gracie Miotke and Mally Im had 1 apiece.

For Ninilchik, which was 0-3 at the tourney, Klohie Hughes had 6, Addi McCorison had 5, Lucy Reynolds had 3, and Riley Tucker and Kate Hendrix had 2 apiece.

Saturday, the Homer boys topped Ninilchik 72-69 to move to 5-12 overall and drop the Wolverines to 10-8 overall.

Nathan Overson led the Mariners with 22, while Lucas Story had 19, CJ Burns had 17, Spencer Dye had 9, Ben Engebretsen had 3 and Riley Huffman had 2.

For the Wolverines, Kade McCorison had 31, Rowan Mahoney had 22, Carter Lemons had 6, Tanner Berger had 5 and Brandt Mills had 1.

The Homer girls notched a 48-32 victory over Delta on Friday.

Lowney paced the Mariners with 14, while Shelby had 12, Niebuhr had 9, Gracie Miotke had 6, Reutov had 3, and Kuhn and Im had 2 apiece.

For the Huskies, Lourdes Lester had 15, while Olivia Marley and Janey Lemons had 6, Iris Haas and CeCe Folliard had 2, and Calyse Clark had 1.

The Delta boys defeated Homer 78-44 on Friday.

For the Mariners, Overson and Dye had 12, Burns had 8, and Huffman and Story had 6.

For the Huskies, Skylar Wilson had 20, Jorge Pagan had 14, Jake Hilton had 11, Brady Bevard had 10, Wyatt Hollembaeck had 4, Gabe Haas, Jaylon Jackson and Aiden Klein had 3, and Eduard Shestopalov had 1.

Also Friday, the Ninilchick boys defeated Galena 54-32.

For the Wolverines, McCorison had 30, while Mahoney had 10, Kannon Hughes had 6, Max Russell had 4, and Lemons and Noah Kalugin each had 2.

For Galena, David Simmons had 12, while Carson Unok and Drey Shaeffer had 6, Camden Cleaver had 4, and Jon Chunak and Shane Ozenna each had 2.

Finally on Friday, the Galena girls topped Ninilchik 46-25.

For the Wolverines, Hughes had 9, Tucker had 7, McCorison had 4, Kylee Rickard had 3 and Rylee Lemons had 2.

For Galena, Marylene Burgett had 13, Madison Andrew had 10, Danica Billings had 9, Grace Boyers had 6, Janaya Fancyboy had 4, and Alyssa Wassillie and Davadaree Edhuch had 2.

Finally, on Saturday, the Delta boys defeated Galena 59-39 and the Galena girls notched a 42-39 victory over Delta.

Thursday results

At the opening day of the round-robin tournament, the Homer girls and boys swept Galena, while Ninilchik split with Delta Junction.

The Homer boys topped Galena 77-48 to improve to 4-11 overall.

Spencer Dye poured in five 3-pointers on the way to leading the Mariners with 21 points, while CJ Burns had 20, Riley Huffman had 12, Lucas Story and Ben Engebretsen had 9, and Nathan Overson, Justice Davidson and Justus Grimes had 2.

For Galena, Drey Shaeffer led the way with 18, while Camden Cleaver and David Simmons had 8, Carson Unok and Jon Chunak had 6, and Shane Ozenna had 2.

The Homer girls notched a 38-25 victory over Galena to improve to 9-6 overall.

For the Mariners, Sydney Shelby led the way with 12, while Minadora Reutov had 10, Channing Lowney had 7, Lillie Mae Kuhn had 5, and Keagan Niebuhr and Madalyn Miotke had 2 apiece.

The Ninilchik boys defeated Delta Junction 53-50 in overtime to improve to 9-7 overall. Rowan Mahoney hit a floater at the buzzer at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime.

Kade McCorison had 34 points for the Wolverines, including eight of the team’s 10 in overtime. Also, Mahoney had 11, Max Russell had 5, Carter Lemons had 2 and Kannon Hughes had 1.

For Delta, Jake Hilton had 16, while Brady Bevard had 11, Philip Kilimnik had 7, Wyatt Hollembaeck and Skylar Wilson had 6, and Jaylon Jackson had 4.

The Ninilchik girls took a 61-13 loss to Delta to fall to 8-8 overall.

For the Wolverines, Addi McCorison had 6, Riley Tucker had 5 and Jolie Webb had 2.

Lourdes Lester paced Delta with 24, while Lily Koba had 11, Ins Haas had 8, Olivia Morley and Janey Lemons had 7, and CeCe Folliard had 4.