Mariner wins over Bulldogs top Senior Night

Homer Mariner seniors on the basketball boys and girls teams, as well as the cheer squad were honored Monday night at the last game the Mariners will play on the home court this season.

Among those introduced, joined by family and friends, and greeted with flowers and applause were:

Tabitha Drover, cheer squad manager;

Waricha “Mook” Thoechanthuek, cheer squad;

Yursa Sahi, cheer squad, exchange student;

Tayle Cabana, varsity Mariners;

Maggie Koplin, varsity Mariners;

Quinn Daugharty, varsity Mariners;

Martin Molodih, varsity Mariners;

John Walsworth; varsity Mariners; and

Zach Raham, varsity Mariners. 

The Alice Witte Gymnasium was filled with
home-game, senior night excitement, with the crowd waving photos of the seniors and the pep band delivering non-stop, fast-paced music.

Both the boys and girls teams added their part with exciting games against the Nikiski Bulldogs.

In the girls game, the tip-off went to the Bulldogs, but the Mariners quickly got it back, evening out the score and then pushing ahead. The Nikiski team fought back to an 18-18 tie near the half, but the Mariners again sailed ahead of them. Near the end of the third-quarter, the Bulldogs closed the gap again, but once more the Mariners moved ahead, holding a lead and finishing with a 36-31 victory.

The Bulldogs also caught the tip-off in the boys game, but the Mariners quickly took control of the ball and pushed to a 12-4 lead by the end of the first quarter, and increasing the distance between the two teams with 32-24 score at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, the Mariners maintained their distance but in the fourth quarter the Bulldogs began to put on the pressure, inching their way closer and closer to the Mariner’s heels. Junior Filip Reutov gave the Mariners their final shove, boosting the score to 74-67 in the final 30 seconds in the game, enough of a distance to maintain a lead 74-70 in spite of a last-minute three-pointer sunk by Nikiski a few seconds later.

Last week, the Mariners played away from home. On Feb. 21, they played Anchorage Christian Schools, with the ACS girls beating the Homer girls team 74-39. The ACS boys also pulled a victory, scoring 91 and Homer 48.  

On Feb. 22, the Homer Mariners played against the Grace Christian Grizzlies. The Mariners girls team claimed a 56-47 victory, while the boys fell to Grace 77-44.

This week, Homer plays Skyview at Skyview on Friday and Seward at Seward on Saturday. 

Regions will be held in Cordova, March 6-8.

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