Mariners squeeze plenty of soccer into short season

On Thursday, the Homer Mariners boys and girls varsity soccer teams faced the Houston Hawks on Homer High‘s upper field. On Friday, the Mariners two varsity teams battled with the Colony Knights, shifting the action down to Homer’s lower field.
Tuesday, the soccer action continued with at-home games against Nikiski. Wednesday, the Mariners were back on the field with games against SoHi.
The boys scored a 4-0 victory over the Hawks on Thursday, then suffered a 3-0 loss to the Knights on Friday.
“Houston has not been much of a challenge for several years,” said Mariner Head Coach Warren Waldorf.
Friday’s game against Colony was a different story, however, with reports already surfacing that Colony is a likely pick for state champion.
“Whether that ends up to be the case or not it still a long ways out, but they’re awfully good,” said Waldorf. “It’s tough to find ways to score against them.”
The size difference between the two teams made the challenge obvious.
“They had a much deeper bench and have quite a few more games under their belt than we do,” said Waldorf. “I only have one reserve. If I lose one or two key players to injuries, it will change our season. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.”
The number of games Colony had already played this season also gave the Knights a boost.
“This was our fourth game,” said Waldorf.
“The snow came off their turf field pretty early and all the Anchorage schools couldn’t play except in the Dome, so they’ve bussed themselves up to Colony. I think that makes a difference.”
All in all, Waldorf said he thought the Mariners “played pretty well” on Friday.
“Our goal keeper (Brian Rowe) was tested, but I think he held up pretty good,” said Waldorf.
One goal scored by the Knights was recalled due to a player shoving Rowe into the net. Another “beautiful shot” by a Colony player went out of bounds prior to being shot and was disallowed, but the linesman had lifted the flag prior to the kick so the ball went to the Knights.
“It’s always tough to pull a ball out of the net, but those were good calls,” said Waldorf.
“There’s no argument there.”
The Mariner girls varsity team scored a 1-1 tie with the Houston Hawks in Northern Conference play on Thursday.
On Friday, Homer’s girls team earned a victory over the Knights, winning the game with a score of 3-0.
In Tuesday’s games againsit Nikiski, the Mariner boys scored a 4-1 victory and the girls tied 0-0.
Wednesday’s scores in games with SoHi were not available by press time.
The Mariners’ soccer game schedule for this week includes:
• Friday: JV and varsity boys and varsity girls at Grace Christian, Anchorage;
• Saturday: JV and varsity boys and girls soccer at Palmer.
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