Nikolaevsk girls maintain long b-ball winning streak

Nikolaevsk’s Warrior Dome welcomed basketball teams from King Cove and Cook Inlet Academy recently. 

In games on Feb. 12, the Nikolaevsk girls scored a 40-28 victory over King Cove. Kayla Stafford put 15 points on the board, with Sophia Kalugin scoring 12.

It was a different story for the Nikolaevsk boys, however. They suffered a 66-32 loss, an unusual turn of events for the Warriors. Felemon Molodih and Jonah Fefelov were the top scorers, with nine points each. Anfim Kalugin scored eight.

Jeruby Nelson, Nikit Fefelov and Neil Gordeev were noticeably missing from Nikolaevsk’s roster, the three absent due to eligibility issues and injuries.

“Missing three starters affected our team,” said Head Coach Steve Klaich.

Tuesday the girls team was back on their home court in a game against the Cook Inlet Academy girls.

The Bristol Bay girls team traveled to Nikolaevsk to play the Warrior girls on Tuesday. Today, Nikolaevsk girls play Bristol Bay. This weekend both the girls and boys teams travel to Seldovia for the Seldovia Tournament. Participating teams include Cook Inlet Academy and Nanwalek, as well as Seldovia and Nikolaevsk.

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