Racers finish sea-to-ski in less than an hour

With the clock hitting 0:55:23, Lex Treinen was the first Ironman to cross the finish line of the 2014 Sea to Ski, a combination run, bike, ski event sponsored by the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club and Homer Saw and Cycle on Sunday. The first Ironwoman was Hanna Young, with a finish time of 1:06:16.

The course began at Mariner Park at 1 p.m., with participants running to West Homer Elementary School and exchanging running shoes for bicycles. From there, the racers headed back to the Sterling Highway, up West Hill Road and across Highland Drive to the Rogers Loop trailhead. At that point, bikes were set aside for skis and the race to the finish at the other end of Roger’s Loop near the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities site along the Sterling Highway.

In the three-member team category, top finishers were:

All-men’s team of Jordan Beach, Jacob Davis and Pete Alexson: 0:59:33;

Coed team of Tara Schmidt, Fred Dickerson, Matt Byrd: 1:00:12;

All-women’s team of Joell Slade-House, Kathy Sarns and Polly Prindle-Hess: 1:16:56.

“I was really happy with the turnout,” said event organizer Mike Byerly. “The course was in great condition. The ski trail held up just fine, considering our lack of snow this year. So that was great.”

There were a total of 94 participants. Thirty-four competed in the ironmen and ironwomen categories, completing each leg of the race. In addition, there were 20 three-member teams with the teams dividing up the run, bike, ski segments. 

“We had quite a few out-of-town folks that came in, including the top three men finishers,” said Byerly. “And we had two Coast Guard teams, which was nice to see. It was a good day.”

Treinen’s first place finish comes after taking fifth place in the U.S. National Championship 50-kilometer men’s classic race in Anchorage on Friday. He completed that event in 2:27:58.

“He’s a pretty amazing skier from Anchorage. … He did that 50K and then came down here and tore this one up,” said Byerly.

After a winter when lack of snow forced the cancelation of other races, Sunday’s conditions stood out.

“The last snowfall we had a couple of weeks ago is holding up and the trail was pretty good for the most part,” said Byerly. “There were a few bare spots that we had to shovel in, but for the most part it was fine.”

The event is organized as a fundraiser for the club. Entry fees were $15 students, $20 adults club members, $30 adult nonmembers, and an additional $5 late registration fee.

“We don’t make a lot of money, but since it’s the last race of the year, we just want to make it a fun event, get people to come out and make it accessible,” said Byerly. 

For information about Kachemak Nordic Ski Club, visit kachemaknordicskiclub.org.

McKibben Jackinsky can be reached at mckibben.jackinsky@homernews.com.

Kachemak Nordic Ski Club’s Sea to Ski

March 30, Homer

Top three finishers in each category. For all results,
view photos above.

Ironwoman: Name, run, bike, ski, total

Hannah Young, 0:24:20, 0:25:16, 0:16:40, 1:06:16

Annie Ridgely, 0:24:06, 0:24:05, 0:18:40, 1:06:51

Jane Wiebe, 0:24:40, 0:24:08, 0:21:39, 1:10:27

Ironman: Name, run, bike, ski, total

Lex Treinen, 0:19:14, 0:21:02, 0:15:07, 0:55:23

Mark Treinen, 0:20:06, 0:22:44, 0:15:38, 0:58:28

Chaz DiMarzid, 0:20:46, 0:19:46, 0:18:00, 0:58:32

Teams (women): name, event, time

Joell Slade-House, run 0:27:06

Kathy Sarns, bike 0:27:32

Polly Prindle-Hess, ski 0:22:18

Total team time: 1:16:56

Mary Kate Green, run, 0:24:46

Angie Otteson, bike, 0:27:17

Emilie Springer, ski, 0:26:00

Total team time: 1:18:03

Lila Johnson, run, 0:27:44

Lila Johnson, bike, 0:38:15

Megan Spurkland, ski, 0:16:12

Total team time: 1:22:11

Teams (men): name, event, time

Jordan Beach, run, 0:20:54

Jacob Davis, bike, 0:24:14

Pete Alexson, ski, 0:14:25

Total team time: 0:59:33

Michael Marquez, run, 0:27:01

Will Nipp, bike, 0:27:56

Channing Grillo, ski, 0:36:16

Total team time: 1:31:12

Teams (COED): name, event, time

Tara Schmidt, run, 0:24:37

Fred Dickerson, bike, 0:19:32

Matt Byrd, ski, 0:16:03

Total team time: 1:00:12

Ali McCarron, run 0:27:28

Jan Spurkland, bike, 0:20:06

Caleb Rauch, ski, 0:16:53

Total team time: 1:04:27

Charles Rohr, run, 0:20:40

Dan Olson, bike, 0:26:07

Mia Alexson, ski, 0:18:04

Total team time: 1:04:51

Anchorage skier Lex Treinen is the first to cross the finish line.-Photo by McKibben Jackinsky, Homer News

Anchorage skier Lex Treinen is the first to cross the finish line.-Photo by McKibben Jackinsky, Homer News

2014 Sea-to-Ski Iron Men and Women Results

2014 Sea-to-Ski Iron Men and Women Results

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2014 Sea to Ski Team Results, page 1

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2014 Sea to Ski Team Results, page 2