Rain on top of snow doesn’t deter skiers

Mother Nature blanketed the Kenai Peninsula with a perfect 29 inches of snow just in time for the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club’s Fourth Anual Ski Your Age event Dec. 26 at the Lookout Mountain Trails.

Rain quickly turned the perfect powder to slush, however. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, the event brought 50 smiling faces of all ages and skill levels to Ohlson Mountain.

The event was split into four categories: the Century Challenge, Ski-Meister Challenge, Family Challenge, and Individual.

Megan Spurkland, the sole competitor in the Century Club Challenge, skied the longest distance of 67km; 100km less the competitor’s age.


2012 Ski Your Age Results

Community Total: 
649 km skied between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Century Club Members
(Skied 100 minus their age in kilometers):

Megan Spurkland: 67 km

Ski-meister Challenge
(Skied as many kilometers as they are old): 

Annie Ridgely, 50 km; Katie Miller, 24 km; Josh Vantrease, 17 km; Case Hrenchir, 10 km; Hunter Green, 8 km; Frida Renner, 6 km; and Clyde Clemens, 3 km

Family Challenge
(total kilometers skied by a family):

Spurkland Family: 109 km

Laukitis Family: 21 km

VanTrease Family: 43.5 km

Hrenchir Family: 20 km

Renner Family: 9 km

Clemens Family: 22 km

Gratz/Stenger Family: 63.5 km

Ditton/Green Family: 16 km

Gaylord Family: 8 km




Additional Participants:

Mike Gratz37 km

Eric Groth36 km

Devry Garity35.5 km

Kathy Sarns-Irwin30.5 km

Daniel Perry30 km

Jane Weibe27 km

Michele Stenger26.5 km

Catie Bursch26 km

Glen Seaman24 km

Tania Spurkland23 km

Charlie Towbridge17 km

Kristin VanTrease15 km

Tobben Spurkland12 km

Mariah VanTrease11.5 km

Aspen Daigle10 km

Barb Hrenchir10 km

Christy Newell9 km

Joel House9 km

David Clemens9 km

Diana Ditton8 km

Claire Laukitis8 km

Teal Laukitis8 km

Cassidy Soistman7.5 km

Kristen Faulker7.5 km

Jan Spurkland 7 km

Shelly Laukitis5 km

Kara Clemens4 km

Maggie Mae Gaylord4 km

Allison Gaylord4 km

Lukas Renner3 km

Cynthia Morelli

Brian Rowe

Hillary Segar

Leigh Sturges

Zach Sturges

Jake Worsfold

Chris Seaman

Katie Moerlein

Janelle Moerlein