Rain shortens softball schedule

The Homer Softball Association experienced close competition at the highest level of the league last week. The Growlers, who have reigned undefeated all season, got a run for their money against Beluga Lake Lodge and co-sponsored team Kharacters and Cups.
Beluga Lake Lodge and Kharacters recently took sixth in the C-bracket and third in the D-bracket, respectively, at the Kenai Firecracker Tournament July 5 and 6.
The members of both teams were physically spent after that intensive weekend tournament, but their game was well practiced and Growlers scraped by with a win by one point two nights in a row.
Disagreeable weather on Thursday resulted in a short week of games and causing some to be rescheduled to a later date.

July 7: Growlers (10) vs. Kharacters (9) and Wraptors (13) vs. Spartans (12);
July 8: Growlers (7) vs. Beluga Lake Lodge (6) went 8 innings and Down East (15) vs. Spenard Builders Supply (16);
July 9: Wraptors (3) vs. Alibi (16) and Spartans (14) vs. Kharacters (30).