Seldovia hosts Salmon Shuffle 5K

More than 150 runners participated in the Seldovia Salmon Shuffle 5K.

The Seldovia Arts Council hosted the Salmon Shuffle 5K on Sunday, July 4, as a part of the Independence Day celebration.

The Salmon Shuffle 5K had 152 participants in four categories, and the top three winners of each category received cash prizes.

Adult female results are as follows: Sophie Boyd, 22:16.1; Jen Jolliff, 23:28.1; Chelsea Wingard, 24:58.7; Hailey Hand, 26:37.2; Rebecca Clarke, 26:57.8; Liz Ruskin, 27:07.5; Heather Renner, 28:01.6; Jessica Murphy, 28:16.9; Nicole Domaschuk, 29:29.3; Melody Hall, 29:47.8; Jennnifer Burleson, 30:08.4; Danielle Siegert, 31:42.5; Allison Showers-Chlup, 31:51.9; Elly Nordstrom, 32:07.7; Rachel Hopkins, 32:54.4; Lindsey Stadler, 33:06.2; Kimi Eiseie, 33:28.1; Megan Wood, 33:42.3; Maureen Hagblom, 34:44.7; Damara Burnett, 34:55.5; Lana Perry, 35:37.4; Leah Simpson, 35:37.8; Janelle Spurkland, 36:16.3; Michelle Borland, 38:34.5; Paula Colescott, 39:30.5; Rebecca Love, 39:39.5; Elena Chartier, 41:24.9; Christine Schauble-Brubak, 42:02.7; Bonnie DeArmoun, 43:03.6; Tammy Hand, 44:21.6; Tracey Shiflet, 45:02.7; Chelsea Baldree, 45:03.5; Kristina James, 50:06.2; Jill Krmpotic, 50:29.4; Kim Krmpotic, 50:30.2; Samatha Keeley, 50:31.5; Lila Johnson, 50:33.7; Darcie Lockie, 51:34.7; Laura Moore, 51:53.4; Caryn Fuzzard, 52:09.3; Ulyana Stiassny, 52:58.8; Sherrille Van Horn, 53:02.4; Char Lee, 53:09.9; Duffy Clarke, 56:08.3; Siesan Barnes, 57:35.2; Nicole Szajkowski, 59:17.8; Anne Barnett, 59:19.2; Tammy Axelsson, 1:00:10.8; Jenny Hand, 1:00:11.5; Lilly King, 1:00:13.8; Hope Haerle, 1:00:14.3; Gezelle Lytle, 1:01:35.7; Margie Lytle, 1:01:36.1; Donna Lytle, 1:01:36.4; Dolly Larkin, 1:01:43.1; Yueete Cross, 1:04:15.6; Karen Hobart, 1:07:47.3; Elizabeth Manning, 1:10:18.5; Deborah Bonito, 1:10:23.0.

Adult male results are as follows: Noah Goltz, 18:38.1; Sabastian Reed, 20:00.0; John Hellen, 20:01.5; Jacgues Annandale, 20:29.4; Duncan Whitbeck, 20:40.3; Bennett Pearce, 20:40.7; Benjamin Goltz, 22:17.9; Julius Martinez, 22:19.8; Martin Renner, 22:22.8; Elijah Loudon, 22:27.2; Adam Wood, 22:32.0; Dakota Larson, 23:48.6; Jaxon Murphy, 24:02.3; Sharid Abdul Rayman, 24:04.4; Randy Borland, 24:25.9; Charlie Thiede, 24:34.3; Springer Moore, 25:07.1; Andy Lorentz, 25:09.6; Jon Goltz, 25:52.4; Matt Clarke, 26:01.9; Hans Axelsson, 26:16.0; Eric Nicolier, 26:45.4; Jonathan McLeod, 26:48.1; Carson Hand, 27:43.6; Seth Murphy, 28:16.3; John Lance, 28:27.4; Keith Hand, 28:38.8; Ethan Frison, 28:57.3; Tim Claseman, 28:58.8; Shad Barnett, 30:23.9; Lukas Raby, 32:49.7; Jack Hopkins, 35:32.3; Jason Clawson, 35:49.1; Jeff Snedgen, 36:25.4; Jordan Baldree, 37:20.4; Clint James, 40:53.9; Dalian Hand, 41:07.7; Kevin Hand, 41:12.7; Laird Nordstrom, 41:19.8; Aaron Love, 43:05.1; Gerald Shiflet, 45:04.3; Lloyd Stiassny, 51:31.6; Nathan Moore, 51:52.6; Steven Berbeco, 52:09.8; Dave Barnes, 57:36.4; Caleb Szajkowski, 58:53.7; Jake Szajkowski, 58:54.2; Noble Jennette, 1:04:17.5; Bert Womack, 1:07:44.2; Owen Stribling, 1:08:27.6; Gary Burleson, 1:18:16.7.

Juvenile female participants include: Edie Ann Chlup, 31:50.9; Duna Snedgen, 36:21.2; Eliana Fye, 36:23.1; Alice Ida Mary Barnett, 38:25.6; Isabel Love, 39:40.1; Rowan Whitbeck, 40:55.2; Stella Chartier, 41:24.5; Olivia Love, 43:04.6; Olivia James, 50:04.2; Selma Johnson, 50:32.9; Leah Stiassny, 51:30.9; Lillian Womack, 1:05:59.4; Elli Womack, 1:06:08.0; Elliette Stribling, 1:08:26.2; Saylor Stribling, 1:08:26.8.

Juvenile male participants include: Lukas Renner, 23:54.3; Ellis R. Lorentz, 24:20.5; Henry Nordstrom, 25:49.6; Levi Murphy, 26:14.9; Reid Rauch, 26:35.4; Joshua Szajkowski, 27:40.9; Briggs Winfree, 28:55.4; Milo Andersen, 29:17.6; Renn Lorentz, 29:51.1; Che Lorentz, 30:06.7; Django Boyda, 31:33.6; Rhys Borland,34:47.0; Braydan Niebuhr, 34:49.2; Sawyer Johnson, 34:51.1; Samuel Barnett, 38:15.5; Ivan Cartier, 38:33.8; Hudson James, 40:53.5; Blake Winfree, 41:09.4; Max McDade, 41:09.8; Jocean Chartier, 42:01.0; Elias Szajkowski, 42:54.9; Cordell Lytle, 42:58.8; Jackson Lytle, 42:59.7; Eli Andersen, 43:04.1; Logan Hand, 44:21.2; Torben Womack, 1:06:08.3; Miles Womack, 1:07:47.1.

For more information about the 2021 Salmon Shuffle 5K, contact the Seldovia Arts Council at

Reach Sarah Knapp at

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