Seldovia, Nikolaevsk wrap up basketball season at state

The Seldovia Otters boys team worked their way through the Class 1A tournament to grab third-place honors. 

“It’s big,” said Seldovia coach Mark Janes. “We were third going into our region (tournament) so no one really expected a lot from us, and last year we were fifth. So they really, really improved.”

The previous best finish for a Seldovia squad was fifth place in the 2008 tournament at the 2A level.

After stumbling in their first tournament games, Nikolaevsk Warriors’ girls and boys teams rebounded. The girls, who up until the tournament had a season-long winning streak, took first place in the consolation tournament, winning their final game with a 45-26 victory over Cook Inlet Academy. 

“It’s huge for these girls to finish a season strong,” said Head Coach Bea Klaich. “To have no regrets, feeling good about what they’ve accomplished, and feeling good about beating what I feel is one of the better quality teams in our conference. I think the girls will take this into next year, and that’ll be the driving force for them.”

The Warriors’ boys team took second in the consolation tournament, with a 62-51 loss to King Cove.

“I thought the boys played well,” said Head Coach Steve Klaich said. “We just gave up too many turnovers, and our shooting was average, if we would’ve shot better we could’ve come out on top.”