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Upcoming events:

Soccer: On Friday, April 20 the girls will play Grace Christian School in an away game at 5 p.m., and will play in Seward Saturday, April 21 at noon. The boys team will play Grace Christian the same day as the girls at 7 p.m., and will play Seward at 2 p.m.

Track and Field: Homer’s track and field team will go head to head with Anchorage Christian School in a home meet at 4 p.m. Friday, April 20. On Saturday, April 21, they will host the Homer Invitational starting at 10 a.m.

Softball: The softball team will participate in the Kodiak Tournament on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 19-21.

Baseball: The Homer baseball team will play Grace Christian School in two away games on Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28.

In review:

Wrestling: Conrad Woodhead, president of the Anchor Kings Wrestling Club, has another recap of how the team did at a tournament in Wasilla last weekend:

“The Anchor Kings traveled to Wasilla this past weekend for two days of wrestling competition in both the Greco and Freestyle disciplines. Miles Tressler and Russell Nyvall produced third place medals during the Greco Tournament. Tressler wrestled in the Intermediate 61-65 pound division, while Nyvall wrestled in the Schoolboy 111-119 pound division.

“In the Freestyle Tournament, Justus Grimes received second place in the intermediate 57-60 pound division, while Tressler won his second medal of the tournament, placing second in the Intermediate 60-61 pound division. Nyvall’s younger sister, Alysha, found her way to the podium with a second place finish in the Novice Girls 74-78 pound division. Landyn Woods fought his way to third place in the intermediate 65 pound division.

“The Kings head to Nikiski (this) weekend.”

Also attending Wasilla’s “Ultimate Challenge” tournament were the Popeye Wrestlers. Storm Cavasos speaks to how they performed below:

“Nine Popeye wrestlers attended Wasilla’s ‘Ultimate Challenge,’ a two-day tournament. Popeye wrestlers picked up two medals in Greco Roman wrestling; Delan Barnard received second place and his brother Lucas finish third.

“The second day, another pair of siblings placed in the Freestyle portion of the tourney. Kanin Kumfer battled his way to second place while his sister, Hayden took third in the girls’ division.

“Gabe and Joshua Bradshaw fought hard through a couple of tough brackets to bring home a third place ribbon each. Saoirse Cook had a long weekend, competing in the Greco, Girls and Folk style tourneys but ended up placing third in the Girls. Both Preston Szymoniak and Storey Cook made valiant efforts but came up a little short this time.”

Track and Field: Below are the full results from last Friday’s dual meet against Soldotna High School, at home. Homer girls performed well, while the Soldotna boys dominated their events.

Soldotna/Homer dual meet — Friday in Homer


100- meter dash — 1. Kailee Veldstra, Homer, 12.71; 2. Laura Inama, Homer, 12.81; 3. Morgan Bouschor, Soldotna, 12.93; 4. Brittany Taylor, Soldotna, 13.65; 5. Lizz Siemion, Soldotna, 13.93; 6. Madylin Kessler, Soldotna, 14.14.

400- meter dash — 1. Autumn Daigle, Homer, 1:03.11; 2. Brittany Taylor, Soldotna, 1:03.78; 3. Drysta Crosby-Schneider, Soldotna, 1:05.24; 4. Brooke Miller, Homer, 1:05.30; 5. Madylin Kessler, Soldotna, 1:09.36; 6. Hosanna VanHout, Soldotna, 1:09.50.

1,600 run — 1. Kate Baring, Homer, 5:54.84; 2. Kellie Arthur, Soldotna, 5:55.62; 3. Erika Arthur, Soldotna, 5:57.21; 4. Tanis Lorring, Soldotna, 6:15.03; 5. McCady Musgrave, Soldotna, 6:32.53; 6. Ree’Lynn Lisenby, Soldotna, 7:37.44.

100 hurdles — 1. Sophie Thomas, Sol, 17.50; 2. Anna Godfrey, Hom, 17.68; 3. Kylie Ness, Sol, 17.84; 4. Holleigh Jaime, Sol, 17.93.

400 relay — 1. Homer (Carroll, Godfrey, Inama, Veldstra), 51.77; 2. Soldotna, 53.37; 3. Soldotna, 56.93; 4. Soldotna, 59.93.

1600 relay — 1. Homer (Carroll, Baring, Miller, Daigle), 4:34.18; 2. Soldotna, 4:54.84.

Discus — 1. Anna Brock, Homer, 111—10; 2. Emily Pieh, Soldotna, 107—02 1-2; 3. Bailey Leach, Soldotna, 89—03; 4. Savannah McDonald, Soldotna, 82—04 1-2; 5. Gracie Graham, Soldotna, 78—01; 6. Taylor Edwards, Soldotna, 77—07.

Long jump — 1. Laura Inama, Homer, 14—07; 2. Kylie Ness, Soldotna, 13—10; 3. Hosanna Van Hout, Soldotna, 12—09; 4. Olivia Schwenk, Soldotna, 12—03 1-2; 5. Danica Schmidt, Soldotna, 12—03 1-2; 6. Kalyn McGillivray, Soldotna, 12—00.

Triple jump — 1. Marina Carroll, Homer, 33—08; 2. Aliann Schmidt, Soldotna, 28—01 1-4; 3. Denali Wurst, Soldotna, 27—06 1-2.


100- meter dash — 1. Brenner Furlong, Soldotna, 11.74; 2. Logan Schrader, Soldotna, 11.90; 3. Teddy Croft, Homer, 11.96; 4. Ben Booth, Soldotna, 12.01; 5. Eli Cravens, Soldotna, 12.43; 6. Mika Wong, Soldotna, 12.49.

400- meter dash — 1. Brenner Furlong, Soldotna, 53.14; 2. Denver Waclawski, Homer, 56.34; 3. Ben Booth, Soldotna, 56.83; 4. Eli Cravens, Soldotna, 59.90; 5. Zach Hansen, Soldotna, 1:00.92; 6. Tyler Johnson, Soldotna, 1:01.30.

1,600 run — 1. Luciano Fasulo, Homer, 5:00.0; 2. Jacob Davis, Homer, 5:02.31; 3. Josh Shuler, Soldotna, 5:04.12; 4. Sean Vergin, Soldotna, 5:04.72; 5. Bradley Walters, Soldotna, 5:12.62; 6. Anchor Musgrave, Soldotna, 5:19.91.

110 hurdles — 1. Hunter Patton, Homer, 20.46.

400 relay — 1. Soldotna (Spies, Zeigler, Van Hout, Cravens), 43.8; 2. Soldotna, 46.02; 3. Homer, 48.62; 4. Soldotna, 52.84.

1,600 relay — 1. Homer (Waclawski, King, Davis, Fasulo), 4:00.97; 2. Soldotna, 4:06.72; 3. Soldotna, 4:13.53.

Discus — 1. Wendell Tuisaula, Soldotna, 120—05 1-2; 2. Galen Brantley, Soldotna, 119—03; 3. Levi Benner, Soldotna, 107—06; 4. Cody Nye, Soldotna, 107—02 1-2; 5. Teddy Croft, Homer, 100—00; 6. Dawson Felde, Homer, 99—06.

Long jump — 1. Logan Schrader, Soldotna, 19—04; 2. Silas McGhee, Homer, 17—05 3-4; 3. Bryan Whitaker, Soldotna, 16—11 3-4; 4. David Weisser, Homer, 16—09; 5. Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna, 16—08; 6. Cy Updike, Soldotna, 16—02 1-2.

Triple jump — 1. Jordan Spies, Soldotna, 42—05 1-2; 2. Logan Schrader, Soldotna, 41—11; 3. Bryan Whitaker, Soldotna, 38—03 1-2; 4. Jersey Truesdell, Soldotna, 36—08; 5. Carson Fischer, Soldotna, 33—05 1-2.

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