Wrestlers bring home top tournament finishes

Popeye wrestlers earn 22 medals

Popeye Wrestlers traveled to Palmer over Easter weekend for the largest tournament leading up to the state Championships. Fifteen wrestlers competed in a two-day, three-event competition with Greco on Friday, March 25 as well as a War of the Roses Nationals Women’s Tournament.

Facing their toughest competition, Popeye did very well by bringing home 22 medals. Top three finishes in the Greco Tournament goes to schoolboy Mose Hayes and Damian Kerr who dominated the field to earn gold medals. In junior division Timmy Woo wrestled some of the best in the state and, outworking the competition, earned a gold medal as well. Runner-up was cadet Christopher Cudaback putting in a solid performance as well with his wrestling style and great attitude and earning second place.

Popeye participants for Greco: Dallas Walker, Lucas Barnard, Mose Hayes, Damian Kerr, Seth I’nama, Ian Stovall, Cole Bernier, MckKenzie Cook, Jeb Barnard, Chistopher Cudaback, Blake Hill, Timothy Woo and Christopher Clucas.

In the War of the Roses All-Women’s National Torunament Popeye brought seven girls. Mckenzie Cook and Mina Cavasos controlled their competition and earned gold Medals. Saoirse Cook wrestled tough to gain second place honors. Sadie Blake pinned three out of five wrestlers in a row to earn third place. Aria Hill, Zoe Adkins and Sierra Clark also competed at the WOTR tournament. The very last match of the evening was at 12:05 a.m.; all the girls were troopers.

Saturday approximately 1200 matches took place with young competitors wrestling Free Style and nine and ups wrestling Folk Style. Young Saoirse Cook charged through her bracket to bring home gold and first year wrestler Justus Grimes showed tremendous athleticism to achieve second place. Timmy Woo also had exciting matches against tough wrestlers to earn his second gold medal of the weekend.

Popeye wrestlers registered for Saturday: Justus Grimes, Saoirse Cook, Aria Hill, Dallas walker, Zoe Adkins, Mose Hayes, Damian Kerr, Seth I’nama, Ian Stovall, Sierra Clark, Cole Bernier, McKenzie Cook, Christopher Cudaback, Blake Hill and Timmy Woo. 

Anchor Kings take home 

This weekend just a handful of Anchor Kings wrestlers ventured out to Palmer for the two-day tournament. Four different wresting styles were available depending on age and gender. Younger wrestlers participated in freestyle, while the older wrestlers wrestled Greco and Folkstyle. Also, girls were able to wrestle in the War of the Roses Tournament hosted by the Matsu Matmen.

Many Anchor Kings families elected to stay home for Easter weekend while the Newmans, Wells, Nyvalls, and Branstetters headed north. The wrestlers of the week were Soren Hoyer, Carter Woodhead, Blake Newman, and Silver Flowers.

The move of the week was the bear hug and leg lace. We are hoping for a strong showing from our great group of wrestler in next weekend’s tournament in Soldotna.

“The athletes that competed this weekend show great progress with being the first wrestler to shoot. The big improvement is there is more aggressive wrestling done by the team,” said Coach Michael Wells.

Matmen Clash – Greco Results for Anchor Kings

1st: Blake Newman and Wayne Newman

3rd: Kyle Wells

Matmen Clash – FS/FLK Results for Anchor Kings

2nd: Wayne Newman

3rd: Alysha Nyvall

WOTR Alaska Girls Championship & Open Results for Anchor Kings Wrestling

1st: Allison Wells

6th: Alysha Nyvall and Mischelle Wells