Fishing Report

Future looks bright for big halibut

Editor's note: Due to an editing error in the web version of Reelin' 'Em In, the author of  this week's column was incorrect. Nick Varney… Continue reading

Humans not the only fishers at the hole

Our famous fishing hole has been in a bit of a slump lately and more than a few of the kings are starting to look… Continue reading

Reeling it in: Fishing for almost everything picks up

What a week, huh? We were spoiled with a celestial bucket full of summer solstice hours while honkin’ tides served up oodles of panicked bait… Continue reading

Watch out, salmon: Nick has a new rod and reel

The summer season has now tip-toed through the apogee of daylight hours and commenced to leisurely dim the skies by pilfering sunshine until the autumn… Continue reading

Reeling ‘Em In: For some, fishing not a social sport

I am not a combat fisherman. I’m a conscientious objector when it comes doing battle for room with more than two anglers especially if they… Continue reading

Action picks up at Fishing Hole

For those of you who have been crossing various appendages in hopes the Spit’s fishing hole action will pick up, there is finally some good… Continue reading

Kid’s fishing day is Saturday at The Hole

Well, that was an interesting Memorial Day weekend. “Wet” was the operative word to describe the concoctions of hours that blended together to sum up… Continue reading

Time to put those lines in the water

The long Memorial Day weekend is but hours away and the initial runs are starting to ease in, so it’s launch time for our annual… Continue reading

Reeling ‘Em In wraps up another season

Well, it’s that time again. The sunset of summer is beginning to slide further into the expanding dusk of fall. The raucous calls of gathering… Continue reading

Early morning fishing catches big rewards

Whoa! August just shot by like a peregrine falcon in a free fall attack. Suddenly we’ve tumbled into September where the cranes amp up pounding… Continue reading

Good day of fishing strengthens family ties

A few days ago, a buddy, JT, gave me a call from his boat while being pounded by so much rain he claimed he’d probably… Continue reading

Fishing results mixed; some still don’t understand ethical angling

Last week the Olympics offered a diversion when the fishing in some areas started gearing down to a semi-conscious crawl.Things became so bad at one… Continue reading

Think of the possibilities: Fishing Hole Olympics

I’ve done a little less scouting this week due to the fact that the Summer Olympics have kicked into gear. When our outstanding U.S. athletes… Continue reading

Visitors help remind us we live in paradise – oh, and this week’s fishing report

There has been a plethora of stories written over the years about family vacation visitations. Some are humorous. Others reveal the real scientific explanation for… Continue reading

Small clusters of silvers showing up at Fishing Hole

Things have been a bit gloomy and wet as of late but that’s just fine because no one wants some brain stem mishandling a slash… Continue reading

Look like a pro when you fillet your catch

Once the dipnetting for reds took off this summer, I starting receiving requests for some tips on how to fillet a fish without turning it… Continue reading

Is it too much to ask? Know what you’re catching

I was scouting for jumpers along the east and west side beaches of the Spit when I overheard two men squabbling about a fish one… Continue reading

Silvers have yet to make appearance

I did a bit of scouting over the holiday weekend in hopes of spotting a silver or two hurtling out of the sea around the… Continue reading

Early birds catch the kings; Cook Inlet halibut heating up

Last week was amazing for numerous fishing fanatics pursuing fins on the lower peninsula — especially if they were able to drag their gluteal regions… Continue reading

Good fishing draws crowds to South Peninsula

I usually don’t fish on the weekends because it’s a great time to cruise the river accesses and The Spit to determine what’s being nailed,… Continue reading