Sarah Outen and Justine Curgenven land on the Homer Spit at 8:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14, after a 101-day, 1,300-mile kayak journey from Adak.-Photo by Michael Armstrong, Homer News

Adventurer completes Pacific ocean crossing

She tried three times in three years, but after 3,700 miles, at 8 p.m. last Thursday, British adventurer Sarah Outen paddled her kayak, Krissy, up… Continue reading


A kayak frame is in front of a kayak with a skin at an earlier wooden boat festival. Below is the festival logo drawn by Chelsea and Marissa Lind.-Photo by Michael Armstrong, Homer News

Wooden Boat Festival features ‘Year of the Kayak”

Last Saturday for Tamamta Katurlluta, the gathering of Alaska Native traditions, a small fleet of skin-on-frame kayaks and one big umiak landed at the Pier… Continue reading