Annie Bradley

Annie Bradley

July 2, 1989 – Oct. 31, 2020

Annie Bradley of Homer, Alaska, passed away on Oct. 31, 2020, at 31 years old, surrounded by her adoring family. Best known for her well-placed sarcasm, quick wit, and the ability to make a hug feel like it healed your soul, Annie’s presence has left its mark on countless lives.

Annie Krempa (or “Foof” as her sisters dubbed her) was born during firework season on July 2, 1989. Once her family and friends got to know her personality, this birthday made perfect sense. She blossomed into a gorgeously alive firework-of-a-Krempa who lit up every room with her sass, hilarity, and her ability to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of all she encountered.

Annie earned her degree in archeology at Western Michigan University in 2012, and became fascinated by the treasures she found, but it was the unearthing of a monstrous love with her best friend, Patrick Bradley, that was her greatest find.

Together, the two of them fed into each other’s vision of the perfect adventure. Backpacking through Asia sounded amazing, so they did it. Moving to Alaska sounded like a blissful idea, so they did it. Getting spontaneously married outside in Alaska during the Winter Solstice? That sounded perfectly Annie-and-Paddy, and so it came to be on Dec. 21, 2015. On and on their adventures continued, and nothing held them back from those adventures becoming reality. Family and friends felt the palpable love emanating from this couple, and their relationship was inspiring, hilarious, pure and beautiful.

While Annie found accomplishment in many careers in Homer, Alaska, it was managing Alice’s Champagne Palace that brought her the closest friendships and gave her a second family. Throughout Annie’s battle with cancer, it was Alice’s and their patrons who offered her an incredible amount of support.

No matter how far her travels took her, there wasn’t a day that she didn’t reach out to her adoring family. Annie (or “Bear” as Patrick called her) is survived by her husband, Patrick Bradley; mother, Beth Westerbeek; stepfather, Case Westerbeek; sisters, Aimee Spurlock and Amanda (Joe) Rounds; mother- and father-in-law, Karen and Fred Bradley; sister-in-law, Audra (Ben) Kowalski; and the pride of Annie’s life, her nieces and nephews: Riley, Brody, Gideon, Teagan, Austin, Maddie, Ollie and Claire.

Annie was preceded in death by her father, Jim Krempa.

Someone like Annie can never die. Her residency in the hearts of so many takes up too much space not to create an eternal ripple effect. While her friends and family desperately wanted a miracle to save Annie, her sheer existence on this planet ended up being the miracle for us all.

Annie will be laid to rest this summer in Grand Marais, Michigan. Celebrations of her life will be announced through her Facebook page.

“I can look back at my life and know with certainty there is not one thing I regret.” – Annie Bradley