Jeffrey Floyd Larson

Jeffrey Floyd Larson

May 27, 1981 – March 25, 2020

Jeffrey Floyd Larson, age 38, passed away March 25, 2020.

Jeffrey was born in Soldotna, Alaska, and spent the majority of his life in Homer, fishing, playing, and caring for others.

Those who personally knew Jeffrey can testify to the kindness and love he freely gave for whatever he was asked to do. Although Jeffrey had climbed many levels of training in his short life, he did not find his personal niche into a trade of his own liking and survival. Jeffrey was always looking for some place or someone to love and to be loved, for he was capable of great accomplishments, had the opportunity been presented where he could one day make his mark.

Jeffrey achieved specific training in several medias, but above all he loved his freedom. Whoever he came in contact with can attest to the fact Jeffrey was an honorable man, extremely dignified, only wishing to become a helping hand to whatever project he was tasked to do. He tried hard to give of himself to those who needed him most and would go out of his way to sacrifice his time and energy for those he cared for. Jeffrey’s happiest moments in life were giving of himself.

His kind heart was easily bruised, but it was his habit to forgive and forget and move forward. Jeffrey was known and loved by many and will be terribly missed by his family and friends.