Megan Cassidy Anderson

Megan Cassidy Anderson

May 12, 1989 – June 3, 2020

Megan Cassidy Anderson passed away peacefully in her sleep June 3, 2020.

She was born to David Anderson and Tami Huston in Homer, Alaska, where her 31 years were packed with so much- friends, family and love. As a young girl she lived in both Homer and Anchor Point, and had great fun running in the woods with friends, playing with her dogs, and having family bonfires. She attended The Early Learning School, Otter Beach and homeschool.

In later years she had fun at the local teen center, spent summers camping with friends, and graduated her senior year at Homer Flex School with a 4.0 GPA, completing all course work three months early. She assisted the faculty in developing the standard-based education system they use today. Recently she moved back to Anchor Point to be with her fiancé, three dogs and a cat. Her life was filled with a love of learning, and a fondness for almost everyone she met. She was an empathic natural helper, activist, and community volunteer. Much of her career was dedicated to the legal field, working with Dan Westerburg and then Lindsey Wolter. She did everything from fill-in bookkeeper to lawn care to all the filing and paralegal work, a particular passion of hers.

Megan also completed the course work and pre-tests to become a professional paralegal, with a 97% overall score. She had a variety of jobs over the years, always up for a new experience. Most recently she enjoyed bartending at Kharacters and American Legion post 16, as well as the President of the Auxiliary this past year. She did event coordination for the Elks Lodge, which aided her time at the Legion and coordinated an amazing Fourth of July celebration there last year. Somehow Megan had time to volunteer — she led Narcotics Anonymous meetings, was on a city task force to explore opioid addiction, was co-administrator on the Facebook page Kenai Peninsula Drug Awareness, worked hard for the Homer Syringe Exchange program, and helped her father with his annual Christmas radio shows at KBBI. She had also enrolled and completed her first year of the UAF RHSP peer Counseling Certification program, which she was vetted, invited and offered a full scholarship based on her work and experience. This was becoming her new passion.

Megan loved many kinds of music, from Louis Armstrong to the Beatles to The Eels to Atmosphere. Megan loved our local bands and made them feel welcome. The amazing thing was that she had time for a friend in need, took time to listen, reached out to others. The last several months she spent a wonderful amount of time with her family.

She passed too soon, yet left a legacy of Love, Caring, Hope, and Healing messages. This Cosmic Hamlet by the sea was more vibrant with her life and will remain forever changed by this beautiful, gifted woman.

The family will be having a virtual memorial for Megan in about three weeks. Check Megan’s virtual memorial Facebook page for updates. It will kick off with the radio show at KBBI in the afternoon and then will open chat rooms up on the virtual memorial page for people to share memories, and the idea is for people to celebrate together in their own social groups.

Megan is survived by her mother, Tami Huston; her father, David Anderson and his wife Tricia Hahn; her siblings, Milo and Sage Anderson, and Willow Huston; was auntie to Magelee, Soren, and Skye (Jadzia); her fiancé, Dan Bernhardt; and adopted sisters Gabby and Future.

Megan is preceded in death by grandmother, Marion Owens; grandparents, Robert “Bud” and Signe Anderson; aunt, Trina Anderson; uncles, Richard and Cliff Huston and OG.