2nd seal pup rescued in Kenai, ASLC now caring for 4

A second newborn seal was rescued on Kenai Beach and admitted by the Alaska SeaLife Center’s Wildlife Response Program, now the fourth in the center’s care.

According to a Tuesday release from the center, they were called on June 3 by “a concerned local” who was walking Kenai North Beach at night. They spotted a skinny pup with its umbilical cord attached and no mother in sight. The pup was unable to be rescued that night by volunteers — who were unable to find it.

The Kenai Police Department reported a stranded pup the next day, which had been seen by “a second concerned observer.” The center, per the release, worked with police and with Kenai Animal Control to have the animal picked up and transported to the beach parking lot, where the pup was delivered to a volunteer and brought to the center.

The pup was found to be dehydrated and underweight, the release says, and is currently receiving stabilizing treatment and further examination “to understand the severity of its condition.”

For more information about the Alaska SeaLife Center and for continuing updates about the wildlife response patients, find “Alaska SeaLife Center” on Facebook.

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