Animal shelter manager moving on

It has been my privilege to care for the animals at the Homer Animal Shelter for 26 years now. During that time I, and a dedicated group of volunteers, have tried our best to provide quality of life and a nurturing environment for the animals in our care; make the very best adoption matches possible for each and every animal; and address the animal control needs of this community.

I hope and believe we have served you well. There have certainly been trials and tribulations along the way. From a lean-to shack, to our state of the art new building 10 years ago, we have seen our share of changes. But always, the animals have come first. That is our mission and that is our mandate.

The Homer Animal Shelter will be under new management beginning the first of the coming year. It is time for me to move on, pursue other interests, maybe even travel a bit? (Something not possible when running this animal shelter, a seven-day-a-week commitment.)

I want to thank everyone who has supported this shelter over the years — especially my core family of volunteers. I could not have done this job without you. And, I also want to thank all of the responsible pet owners out there. Those who have adopted cats and dogs and given wonderful homes, and a second chance, to the thousands of animals who have come through these doors.

I look forward to working with the new shelter management to make this transition as smooth as possible, for both the animals, and for you the general public.

Sherry Bess

Animal Shelter Manager