Homer Flex Phoenix Award winner: Kaitlynn Dawsey

Sophomore Kaitlynn Dawsey is the recipient of the September Flex Phoenix Award. This award is given monthly to the student who represents the Homer Flex values of respect, ownership and productivity.

“Kaitlynn received this award due to her strong student leadership at Flex,” wrote Ingrid Harrald, school counselor. “Her persistence, self-advocacy, and use of feedback have helped her find great success in the classroom, and her artistic abilities help to beautify and make our school an inspiring place for all.”

“Kaitlynn is often coming up with new ideas of how to make the Flex a more welcome and safe place for students, and she relates well to community members of all ages. This summer Kaitlynn took a large amount of ownership and responsibility in the Flex Garden and almost single-handedly managed the garden all summer long. Kaitlynn exemplifies every aspect of our school values and is a vital member of the Flex Family.”