Homer, Kenai play in Bridge tournament

The Kachemak Bay Bridge Club was visited by the Kenai River Kings & Queens last Tuesday. The 36 players from the two bridge clubs started by having lunch together in the dining room of the Homer Senior Citizens Center, where they got better acquainted. Then they enjoyed playing Bridge against each other in the activity room.

Each club formed several two-player partnerships which played against the other partnerships.

Kachemak Bay Bridge Club

Dick Lohmann & Elmer Dewitt

Annie Oberlitner & Petie Carroll

Mel & Willem Strydom

Paul Allan & Leo Nikora

Mary Ann Marquardt & Joanie Ingram

Madeleleine Maurer & Larsen Klingel

Mary Ruth Linde & Peggy Craig

Eleanor Klingel & Shirley Stefano

Nancy Lander & Mark Robinson

Darlene Hilderbrand & Tony Maurer

Michele Opsal & Ken Castner

Francie Roberts & Maynard Smith

Kenai River Kings & Queens

Jackie Oberg & Buck Steiner

Marilyn & Roger Harma

Sheila Phillips & Babbi Goodman

Don Oberg & Guy Holland

Mary Kay Fullerton & Barbara Modigh

Ellen Hudson & Jean Taylor

Bridge is a popular card game in which the two opposing partnerships sitting at a table deal out a deck of cards, and play to see who can take the most tricks on that deal. Duplicate Bridge is a form of Bridge played by more than two partnerships at more than one table. Last Tuesday, there were 18 partnerships simultaneously playing at nine tables.

In Duplicate Bridge, the cards are dealt into “boards” that move from table to table, so each deal is ultimately played by every partnership. That’s why it is called “Duplicate” Bridge. The partnerships also move from table to table, so each partnership can play with the other partnerships. When the two clubs played Duplicate Bridge on Tuesday, they played 27 boards, and followed a Mitchell movement.

In a Mitchell movement, the North-South partnerships play the East-West partnerships, and vice versa. Here are the results of the match.


#1 Homer: Dick Lohmann & Elmer Dewitt

#2Kenai: Jackie Oberg & Buck Steiner

#3 Kenai: Marilyn & Roger Harma

#4 Homer: Paul Allan & Leo Nikora


#1 Kenai: Don Oberg & Guy Holland

#2 Homer: Darlene Hilderbrand & Tony Maurer

#3 Homer: Nancy Lander & Mark Robinson

#4 Homer: Mary Ruth Linde & Peggy Craig

A good time was had by all.

Everyone thanks Karen Kelly, Executive Director of Homer Senior Citizens Center, and her staff, especially Nyla Lightcap, for all their support of the Kachemak Bay Bridge Club. Without these generous folks, we would be playing in someone’s high tunnel.

The Kachemak Bay Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge every Tuesday afternoon from 12:30-4:00 at the Homer Senior Citizens Center on Svedlund Street. If you would like to join them, please contact Tony Maurer at tbobark@cox.net or 805- 501-4898.