It’s more than cooking class

On behalf of future cooks, thank you.

The R.E.C. Room is happy to announce another year of FORK Club, free healthy cooking classes for youth (ages 12-18) taught by local volunteer chefs. Thanks to generous support from the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and its donors, as well as the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth Funds, young people in our community will again be able to participate in this fun, creative and nutritious learning experience in the year ahead.

Last year youth rushed to fill FORK Club classes being taught by the Alibi A’la Carte, Margarida Kondak teaching homemade bagels, Vida’s Thai Food, and a vegetarian Langar meal taught by Anna Raupp, Kayla Spaan and Peter Shepard. 

Students in these classes learned how to prepare fresh meals with organic and local ingredients under the direction of these local cooks and chefs.  Students and volunteers then took the time to sit and enjoy their culinary creations together.

This year will start out with a big collaborative FORK Club class for Homer High School students. During FOL period on Sept. 17, 18 and 19, students will be preparing over 300 tasty bites to be featured in the 2014 Taste of Homer. New owners of the Far Out Café and local producer, Lori Jenkins will be instructing youth to create healthy bites. Students can sign up for these FOL periods with Ms. Lauren Childers, HHS Culinary Arts teacher, as the time gets closer to Sept. 17. 

We’re currently looking for more volunteer chefs for the FORK Club.  Anyone interested in teaching a one-evening class this year should contact us at the R.E.C. Room.

Many thanks again to all our kind friends who share our commitment in helping young people take care of their health through participation in safe and fun activities which offer healthy choices.

To learn more about the R.E.C. Room, call 235-OPEN (6736), stop by 3957 Nielsen Circle off Ben Walters, or visit

Anna Meredith, youth program manager

The R.E.C. Room (a youth Resource & Enrichment Co-op, a program of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic