Let’s all slow down and enjoy summer

As they’ve been outside playing this summer, friends Beatrix Strobel and Thea Person, both age 7, have noticed a common phenomenon: Lots of cars going really fast.

“I almost got run over by a car,” said Thea.

“It’s really hard to ride your bike,” said Beatrix.

The two decided to do something about the fast cars in the Bayview Court neighborhood where they frequently play. They made a sign to remind motorists to watch out for them — and other kids.

It’s too bad kids have to remind some adults to watch out for them, but the girls’ sign is an excellent reminder that we all should slow down and enjoy the summer safely.

The speed limit in Homer neighborhoods is 25 miles per hour. That’s plenty fast to get you where you need to go. Going faster may get you to your destination a little earlier, but is it really worth the risk of a speeding ticket or hurting a child out playing or a senior citizen taking a stroll? Of course, not.

With road projects and the gas line going in this summer, drivers will encounter the added frustration of slowdowns caused by all the projects. Instead of getting a Homer-version of road rage, let’s all just take a deep breath and lose our hurry mode.

And let’s remember why we live here. Homer is a great place to bike and walk, but it requires the cooperation of everyone. Bikers and those using motorized transportation should observe the rules of the road — like speed limits — and pedestrians should remember to walk facing traffic and cross streets in designated crosswalks.

Summer goes quickly enough. Let’s enjoy it at the slowest pace we can. And watch out for those playing.