Mueller: Time for Homer to heal and realize full potential

While attending the September 11, 2017 Homer City Council Meeting, it became blatantly obvious that the wounds sustained by the citizens of Homer as a result of the build up to the “inclusivity” resolution and the resulting recall election are a long way from healing. Many among us are still hurting badly. Additionally, there are segments of our population on both sides that “just don’t want to let this go.”

I feel sorry for these folks. Holding on to hate always results in more harm to the hater, it requires a great deal of effort (that could be used for much more positive issues), and it retards growth thus preventing the individual from realizing their full potential.

Although they say that time heals all wounds, what they fail to say is when exactly the clock start towards healing and just how long healing can often take. There are always those who like to say, “I’ll forgive, but I will never forget.” I used to delude myself with this comment. My sixty years of experiences have taught me that we must learn to forgive like our Creator; to forgive and FORGET! We must emulate God’s amnesia to our transgressions when dealing with others’ transgressions against us.

I hope that all who are ardently holding on to their hate over this matter can soon give up this unhealth spite and experience the cathartic healing awaiting them. The transformation Homer will experience when this happens will be truly special. I am a man of faith and I know that even a tiny bit of faith makes an extraordinary difference. I believe in my bones that my life (and similar my campaign) is not about me. I learned a long time ago that I am not in control, that this is not my project; but rather, that I am a part of a greater design.

With that in mind, should the good people of Homer decide I should represent them and their concerns, I will give my full effort to seeing that Homer heals and realizes its full potential.