Same name leads to confusion

We are confused out east. Aargh. Sarah, we need help.

Will the real Dan Sullivan please stand up? It’s another Lindauer riding the coattails of money. Real characters has a difficult time with the innuendoes of politics.

Not so difficult for the doubles to do. In fact, they love it. Or is it the power and the money? Or are they cloning people nowadays? Or is it the same man running for two offices? We thought that wasn’t allowed. But maybe it is. They don’t generally publish the rules.

Speaking of coattails, what about Parnell? In the end, he will have saved the oil companies more than the $20 billion they won in the Exxon Valdez spill case. At least they could have thrown it at the gas line. We are sure he has an open invitation for a PR job out of Houston, with yet another golden parachute.

Wake up, Alaska. They think we are stupid. At least they could send us corporate pawns with different names.

J.M. Reed