Kenneth C. Williams

In Loving Memory of Kenneth C. Williams

In Loving Memory of Kenneth C Williams 61 years of age Born 9-4-1961 in Homer, Alaska he was the oldest of 3 children. Ken Williams was a man of dedication and kindness. As the proud father, husband, and business owner of Blue Spruce Construction, he was a man of many talents. He worked as a mechanic, diesel mechanic, and auto body repair before settling on construction work for the last 25 yrs. Ken grew up in Anchor Point Ak. and graduated from Homer High. He met his wife Lynne in 1981 when she was visiting Homer and then followed her back to Massachusetts where they were married in May 1983. They lived in N.H., Idaho, and Arkansas before returning to their Alaskan home. After just celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary tragedy struck the Williams family when Ken contracted the H1N1 swine flu virus, compounded by a diagnosis of pneumonia. He was MEDEVACED to Providence Hospital in Anchorage and admitted into the ICU. On August 2nd, 2023, Ken was placed on a ventilator and induced into a coma, battling for days Ken’s battle came to an end due to the virus and its accompanying complications on August 14th, 2023 Ken had connection with the natural world, finding solace in hunting and fishing in the summers and snow machining in the winter. Growing up in Alaska, He found a sense of peace in the great outdoors. Additionally, Ken’s faith was deeply rooted as a Jehovah’s Witness. His beliefs provided him with a steadfast foundation as he navigated life’s journey. As a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness he not only built structures but also built connections within his community through his readiness to lend a hand to those in need. As Ken’s family navigates this difficult journey, they are profoundly grateful for the outpouring of compassion and assistance that has been extended to them. The memories of Ken’s strength, generosity, love for the outdoors, and faith will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew and loved him……he is preceded in death by his mother Patricia Williams. He is survived by his wife Lynne, daughter Kristina Gray, granddaughters Nicole and Kayla Gray, brother Gary Williams, Sister Sheila Huber, and father Richard Williams, uncle Raymond and Aunt Linda Williams as well as several nephews and nieces. A public memorial service will be held on September 16, 2023 at 4:00 pm at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 850 Sterling Hwy Homer Ak