Candidate Point of View: Greg Madden

Whether it’s Democrats or Republicans in control, we get more spending and bigger government. I don’t believe that government is the answer to our societal or individual troubles. Our nation is beginning to buckle under the tremendous, crippling debt we have amassed from what may be good intentions but has inescapable consequences for us and our children for generations to come. Should the great state of Alaska follow such an example by crippling our economy with increasing taxation and spending money far beyond our legal responsibilities? The Alaska State Constitution requires that the government provide for public safety, infrastructures and schools, but scan through the budget and see that it’s not always easy to draw an association between Constitutional parameters and each line item. I champion the rule of law and, thus, the Constitution.

Government Coronavirus relief? I don’t ask my parents for a bailout because I’m an adult — I’m not their responsibility. Why ask the state? The state has pressing (Constitutional) duties. Where have our deep family, church and neighborhood ties gone? Those need to be reestablished and rekindled. When society tried to remove God, there have been some serious and deleterious consequences, even in this life.

State government economic crisis? There absolutely is a problem and we need to avoid the trainwreck of closing our eyes and hoping it will go away. The solution to our financial fiasco is not in saddling citizens with government growth or its inordinate spending. Less government, less spending, less intrusion and less taxation is the answer for growth and development. I want no new taxes and no increased taxes. Any new tax the legislature pushes should go to the people for a vote.

Life begins at conception and should be protected.

Each and every lawful Alaskan resident should get the full Permanent Fund Dividend as defined by longstanding law. This includes what was stolen from Alaskans through the previous years. It may take a little time, but I firmly believe that it can and should be done.

A binding caucus is unacceptable. I’m elected to represent my constituents, not some party leadership.

State infrastructure must be maintained, including plowing. This includes roads, bridges, airports, ports, tunnels and many other structures that must be maintained for public safety and use.

Legislators often shirk the law, which is just as unlawful as activist judges legislating from the bench or vandals tearing down public monuments of our history because they personally don’t find it palatable. These are all shameful. The pressing matter is not how we feel about the matter, but what is right. It is time to restore law and order.

Defund the police? I don’t think so. Law enforcement should be fully funded and defended. And a big “thank you” to all of our keepers of the peace and first responders. I stand for the flag, the country, and those that protect and serve her.

Protect First and SecondAmendments at all costs. No compromise. “Shall not be infringed.”

Move the Capitol to accessible mainland. Accessibility by constituents means accountability to them.

It’s time to rip off the mask and declare, “I’m not going to take this anymore!”

I’m Greg Madden, husband of over 30 years, father of four beautiful daughters, granddaddy of two, diligent child of God, friend of freedom, proud American, member of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District School Board, and a Chiropractic Physician. I understand how to work with massive or small budgets, and how to operate within them. I’d appreciate your vote for State Senate.