Candidate Point of View: Raymond Walker

Raymond Walker: ‘No new taxes on my watch’

It is my opinion that the current City Council does not reflect the citizens of Homer accurately. I know there are many, many more conservative citizens in Homer that do not feel like they have a voice on the city council. It is my desire to represent those people’s interest in conducting business on the city level. I do not know current statistics on revenue but have a good idea that our city revenues are probably down. Many businesses have been just barely staying afloat and others may have to close their doors. Meaning, lower tax revenues. The easiest thing in some people’s mind is to raise taxes. The problem being is, when will enough be enough. A responsible person will make the hard decisions in cutting expenditures. It is not the citiy’s place to fund everybody’s whims. Many of our local citizens are retired and living on a smaller budget than they were when they were working full time. No new taxes on my watch, without a fight.

In looking at the current City Council’s 2020 Priorities, I noticed the very bottom of the list was a study for the Large Vessel Harbor. This is one of our natural resources that needs our largest attention rather than at the bottom of the list. It is a resource that could develop into more than just jobs, but into an entire industry of repairing large boats to possibly designing and building them.

Let’s maximize our efforts in providing resources for our current but future needs.

I have been overseeing numerous capital improvement projects around the state over the last 28 years. I have found it necessary to hire local employees to complete my work. It is not always easy to hire people without some basic skills. I have trained and tried to incorporate basic fundamental skills in others so that they can be proud of their work and appreciate their paycheck as “earned” instead of a handout. Self respect is a foundational aspect to becoming a responsible citizen. Money goes from my hand to your hand in two ways. Either I give it or you take it. When I give it freely, it is a gift. Taking money from me falls into two more categories. Stealing or taxation!

If elected to the Homer City Council, I will listen to your opinions and do my best to represent you in making decisions for you!

Raymond Walker is a Homer resident running for election to the Homer City Council.