Candidate Point of View: Sarah Vance

Dear Friends, it has been my pleasure serving you in the Alaska Legislature. We have experienced some challenging times together, but I believe the best is yet to come. Two years ago, we embarked on a journey to pursue the Alaska that is safe, vibrant and bursting with opportunity. You elected me, Sarah Vance, to represent you in Juneau with a platform to repeal Senate Bill 91, the soft on crime bill, reject a statewide income tax, and work to restore the Permanent Fund Dividend. I have kept my word and did what you elected me to do.

It was a proud victory when I voted to repeal SB91, making our towns a little safer. Through the budget process, I worked to reduce spending and rejected a detrimental repeal of the “fish tax” that funds infrastructure in coastal communities, rejected a repeal of the municipal oil and gas tax that brings millions in revenue to our borough, and rejected a repeal of senior benefits that help our elders stay afloat. My voice has advocated for your will in various committees and to the Administration to demand accountability in the Board of Fisheries, maintain election integrity, strengthen our public safety, and protect the Permanent Fund for future generations.

There is clearly more work to be done building the Alaska we dream possible. This year’s focus has turned to helping Alaskans withstand the impact of a pandemic by securing funding for healthcare, access to testing and economic relief for communities, individuals, and small businesses. Getting CARES Act funding into the hands of Alaskans has been my top priority this year and our work is not yet complete. I voted for early COVID relief, and expanding internet for schools, but chose not to continue to allow political bullies to rob Alaskans with a bloated budget and shrinking PFD.

My heart has been opened to the harsh realities facing our families and communities that go beyond budgets and PFDs. Alaskans are crying out for justice in so many areas and human trafficking has become the invisible enemy that lurks in every town. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the enemy that preys upon our children. It is estimated at least 20% of our homeless population is trafficked for sex and/or labor and equates to the possibility of 40 individuals in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District alone. I have cried with local mothers of young women who have been trafficked and listened to friends describe relationships where they had been groomed for the worst. Knowing Homer’s precious Duffy is thought to have been abducted only makes this legislation more personal. Law enforcement and community leaders have confirmed Alaska statutes need reform to bring justice in human trafficking. I am confident human trafficking legislation is a bipartisan issue and am committed carry a bill to strengthen our laws to eradicate this scourge from our borders so that when Duffy’s abductors are found, they will fully be prosecuted.

My focus is fixed on obeying the will of the people. With depleted state savings accounts and an expanding deficit of nearly $1.5 billion, you can count on my vote for a stronger constitutional spending cap to keep downward pressure on budgets in the future. I will continue to vote for a full, statutory PFD, work to maintain election integrity and pursue justice in human trafficking. I respectfully ask for your support in re-election to continue working toward a brighter future. Feel free to reach out to me about issues that are important to you!

Vote Vance Tuesday, Aug. 18 and Nov. 3.