Letters to the Editor

Murkowski should let witnesses testify

Regardless of my personal opinion on President Trump’s continued disregard for the U.S. Constitution and quite frankly obvious guilt, I implore Sen. Lisa Murkowski to not simply vote party line with Sen. Mitch McConnell and his thinly veiled obstructionism. A vote on whether or not to convict without hearing witnesses would further show the American people that the establishment Republican Party has lost all of its integrity to an unfit megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.

Sen. Murkowski’s responsibility as a member of “America’s jury” is to have and hear all pertinent information regarding the case and also be allowed to cross-examine willing witnesses such as John Bolton. Anything short of that would be a disservice to this great nation. I hope Murkowski votes with her conscience and her constituents in mind.

Grant Peel

KHLT grateful for city support

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust would like to thank the City of Homer for the grant support we received in 2019 as administered through the Homer Foundation. The matched funds were spent on local projects including important community collaborations we had throughout the year. Examples of such projects include; partnering with the City of Homer and Homer Independent Living Center to build an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible trail on KHLT’s in-town Poopdeck property, and, with permission, on the adjacent land owned by the City of Homer, working with Homer Wilderness Leader’s youth helping to maintain our Calvin and Coyle Nature Trail, and working with the Kenai Peninsula Borough who granted the Land Trust with a Community Purposes Exemption for KHLT’s 30-acre Cutting Preserve on Baycrest. We want to thank the City for this important funding opportunity that supports our local non-profits, and for the grant selection committee for their hard work screening and selecting applicants.

Thank you, City of Homer, we appreciate your continued support of our conservation efforts; protecting treasured lands important to our Kenai Peninsula communities.


Marie McCarty, Executive Director, Kachemak Heritage Land Trust

Grace Ridge tips support nonprofits

Grace Ridge Brewing would like to thank the community for another great year. Our customers have donated through their 2019 tips in the amoutn of $20,849.17 to Homer nonprofits. It has been a privilege to be part of this caring community. Here’s to another great year in 2020.

Sherry and Don Stead, Grace Ridge Brewery

Be like Gary

It’s like there was a big earthquake that sent shock waves throughout our community — but instead of incurring damage, there was a huge release of love and kindness that emerged, reminding us all why we choose to live here in Homer.

Our hearts are full of deep gratitude to everyone who stepped up to create a perfect tribute to the life of Gary Thomas. There are too many people and organizations to thank individually; however, we would like to give a special thanks to Jennifer Norton. She was the coordinator of all things pertinent to the Celebration of Gary’s Life. On that very morning when I texted her at 6 a.m. obsessing over some minor detail, she was awake and doing the same. Throughout the past weeks I could not have a thought, let alone verbalize it, without the phone ringing to provide the answer. To all who provided food and chores and everyone who contributed, thank you so very much.

So, as Tom Bodett so eloquently said in his closing remarks, “When in doubt, ask ‘What would Gary do?’ ” Gary represented kindness, service above self, community cohesion, tolerance, forgiveness and trust. So can you.

Laura Patty, Mica Thomas, Mariah Greenwald, Jenny Dunne

P.S. There is a fund set up at Alaska USA in Gary’s name. If you would like to make a contribution, please make checks out to ALASKA USA and on the memo line write GARY THOMAS MEMORIAL. This money will be given back to the community in as well-rounded a way as possible, the way Gary gave himself to the community. In this age of technology we were able to stream the event live and it can be viewed now on YouTtube under “Gary Thomas Celebration of Life” for those unable to attend.

A note of appreciation

We would like to acknowledge and to offer a measure of appreciation for one of Homer’s institutions, the Homer High School Pool. This pool, administered by the Kenai Peninsula School District and maintained by the Kenai Peninsula Borough, is a valuable asset to the community as a whole as well as to our local students. Offering hours of operation to the general public for senior fitness, lap swimming, parent and tot pool time, swim club activities and other activities throughout the week as well as summer time swim lessons makes this a valuable community resource.

As seniors, we appreciate the option of participating in low impact exercise and flexibility enhancing activities. The pool offers access to those who have mobility issues, allowing them to enter and move about freely in the water, something they might find difficult to do on dry land. We understand that the pool is to be closed later this month and then again for the months of June and July for maintenance activities. We will dearly miss our time at the pool during those activities and hope that the pool can return to service on schedule and maybe even a bit earlier. As of today, we have lost our current pool manager. We look forward to his replacement being as helpful, understanding and as good natured.

Thank you,

Peggy and Michael Craig

Artist in School help appreciated

Every year, Homer Flex invites an artist in the area to visit the school and join us for a short residency. During this time, they share their passion and teach students and staff the skills and techniques of their trade. From Jan. 13-17, Art Koeninger introduced students and staff to the beauty of making metal art and jewelry.

We would like to thank Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Artist In the Schools program and the Alaska Legislature for their support of the Alaska State Council on the Arts. These, along with the financial support of Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware, allowed Flex to continue their annual tradition of hosting an Artist in the School. The students will present their pieces at the tenth annual Flex First Friday on April 3, 2020. Please plan to join us and celebrate these amazing young artists.

Beth Schneider, Secretary, Homer Flex High School

Thanks to Homer Foundation for library upgrades

Paul Banks Elementary would like to thank the Homer Foundation, through the David and Mary Schroer Fund, for supporting our efforts towards the purchase of new books, the creation of a reading corner and a new reading carpet for the library at Paul Banks. The availability of interesting, high quality reading material is one of the greatest positive influences on reading proficiency.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the David and Mary Schroer Fund at the Homer Foundation for continuing their support of schools throughout Homer.

Joni Wise and the staff of Paul Banks Elementary