Letters to the Editor

Rename Kachemak Drive

OK, Rep. Sarah Vance, I am done with Kachemak Drive and begging you to do something about it. I have been patient, I have asked nice, I have told you who to contact at the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and I have suggested ways to find money. I am done. If you can’t find a way to speed up this project when the state has budget surpluses and the biggest Alaska Permanent Fund dividend in history then you just aren’t doing your job. Apparently you haven’t voted to fund any roads in four years. I make a motion that we rename Kachemak Drive “Sarah Vance’s Pothole Parkway.” Time for a new team in Juneau.


Mike “Bent Rim” Yourkowski

Not worried

I’m not worried about the FBI coming into my home because I don’t keep state secrets stored away here!

Jim Lavrakas

Confused about Murkowski’s vote against climate bill

The $370 billion climate bill gives teeth to actually doing something about it — money for electric vehicles, solar, wind, etc. Environmentalists (everyone who knows they will need to breathe and eat) were excited about moving in a good direction for our lives. Sen. Joe Manchin, who supports coal development in his state of West Virginia, came to Alaska to campaign for Lisa Murkowski, and a provision was put into the bill that allows oil development to continue in Alaska (being an oil-producing state, many Alaskans love the smell of exhaust).

So, it was a win for Lisa Murkowski. Nevertheless, she voted against the bill. Did she all of a sudden become an environmentalist? The bill has horrible provisions for drilling, but that’s what we want, right? Or is she playing partisan politics and voting against anything the Democrats want even if it’s what she and the Republicans said they wanted, but because the Dems want it they’ll oppose it?

This is a classic “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” It’s mean-spirited and two-faced. What would make this bill more bipartisan? More trashing of the planet? Thank God there were enough Democrats in the Senate to get it passed!

Lela Ryterski

Homer Hockey grateful for city grant

The Homer Hockey Association and Kevin Bell Arena would like to thank the City of Homer Grants Program at the Homer Foundation for general operating support.

The KBA is preparing to open the doors for its 18th season on Oct. 1. We continue to offer a safe place for kids, families and community members to come together to exercise their minds and bodies in an effort to recover from the lingering impacts of COVID-19. Our programming enhances our community’s health and wellness through all forms of on-ice play. We appreciate the City of Homer’s continued support of the nonprofit sector in our community. See you at the rink!


Mike Barth and the HHA Board of Directors

Free money, but not for you

Joe Biden just gave the children of privilege a gift of up to $20,000 in the form of a college debt forgiveness. It is estimated the cost of this giveaway is about $2,000 for every taxpayer. Loan records show that 70% of student loan debt is held by children from high-income households, and the majority have also completed graduate school. Since only 14% of Americans receive a college graduate degree, Biden’s program is effectively having all working-class Americans pay off the debts of a few professionals with graduate degrees.

This sham student loan giveaway program is also discriminatory. If you never went to college and took out a student loan, or if you did and have already paid it back, no money for you. Biden also isn’t offering to forgive any other kind of loan. If you have a loan for a home, vehicle, credit card, or business, no money for you. All Biden is doing is using taxpayer money to buy the votes of his Democrat friends right before an election, just like they do in third-world countries. The lefties like to cry “My body, my choice”, I say “Your student loan, your payments!”


Greg Sarber

Re: FBI search of former President’s residence

When former President Trump left the White House, several boxes of government documents were removed and taken to his residence. The documents, property of the U.S. Government, were to be retained in the U.S. Archives.

The former president was requested to return the documents. Fifteen boxes of documents were returned as a result.

Later it was reported that several documents were still missing. While documents had already been requested, a subpoena was issued for the remaining documents, giving the former president a second opportunity to return what belonged to the U.S. Government. He did not return the documents. Attorney General Merrick Garland had made it clear that in cases he was presented, everyone would be treated equally following the law. A request for a warrant was presented to a judge. The judge determined the request was appropriate.

FBI Agents came to the residence (which is also a resort), presented the warrant listing what they were seeking and where they intended to search. A list of what was removed and a copy of the warrant were left for Trump. The FBI tried to be tactful. There were no broken doors or safes. It was not a raid. They did not break in. Trump announced the search but made it sound like a raid. He could have shown the warrant and the contents removed, as he had copies.

Among documents retrieved in the search at least 11 sets of documents were classified, intended for a very limited few officials to even view in a secured facility.

Now people are attacking the FBI and Department of Justice for doing their jobs.

This has never happened to another former president because no other former president ever did something like this. He is not above the law!

Michael Murray

Food Pantry grateful to Thomas 100 Men

On behalf of the Board of Directors, clients and volunteers of the Homer Community Food Pantry, I’d like to give a huge shout out to The Gary Thomas 100 Men — you are the best! The Food Pantry was selected as the recipient of the group’s third quarter donation and we are eternally grateful.

This summer we have been serving an average of 140 households each week. With the rising costs of fuel, food and just about everything else, everyone is feeling the squeeze. Higher costs translate into a greater need among our clients for food and assistance with utilities, rent and transportation. For the Food Pantry, inflation has caused a sharp increase in food cost as we actually purchase the bulk of the food distributed. I believe our donors may be feeling it too as donations have been down from last year as well. But this generous donation will cover the bulk of food purchased for the month and that’s a win!

Thank you to all the members of The Gary Thomas 100 Men. He would be so proud. You are doing great things!

Cinda Martin, Treasurer, Homer Community Food Pantry