Point of View: A love letter to Homer

It’s hard to decide which things I love most about our Cosmic Hamlet. In addition to all the caring organizations — the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Equestrian Park, the Annex, the Homer Animal Shelter, Cook Inletkeeper, the Homer Community Food Pantry, the Homer Public Library, the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, and many more — I’d like to mention some special spots:

The post office

Where else can you run into the same person you just saw at the grocery and chew the fat while standing in line? Or find out who just passed away? After 20 years I can still see my daddy standing there talking politics with whoever walks in the door as he opens his mail. The post office feels like an old reliable friend who has kept me me in touch with the world long before social media.

Safeway water fountain

A real gift to this town. Free water for Homer’s backwoods dwellers.


A community center of sorts. For all of us whose wells went rusty, a place to do the wash and catch up with your friend come in after two months from up Fox River to grab a shower. Wifi and moldy oldies to dance to while folding. Who said laundry can’t be fun?

The 20 or so coffee shops in town

How could we make it through the long gloomy winters or hectic summers without them? There’s one for every mood.

The Wagon Wheel

That cool country feed and seed store has been hanging in there since forever. No offense, big box stores, but I love supporting my favorite local business when I buy chicken feed, flower starts and bird seed.

Fritz Creek Store

It still has that “community center” feel from the 1950s. That bulletin board is a must see. One-stop shop for everything you need to have a good day East of Homer — gas, liquor, pastries, post office, deli, groceries, newspaper, and for catching up on the East End gossip. My car just turns in there automatically when I go by.

The Pratt Museum

The coolest reminder of where we old timers came from and what keeps us together. I can connect with my homesteading past without having to live there.

First Friday

That once-a-month time to gallery hop, socialize with like minded friends, and make a struggling artist’s day by showing up.

Boat harbor

It’s a whole other world out there with everything from tugs and tenders to weathered wooden crabbers, fancy charters, and open skiffs — a lifestyle filled with endless work, danger, adventure, remote communities, and stormy coasts. Among the floats I wonder, “Who came up with that whimsical boat name? Where did this ship just come from? Where is it headed next?” Feels good to see our beloved Trusty Tusty pull in and Coast Guard Cutter at anchor.


An amazing addtion to the community — everyone should check it out. Year-round place for old and young to play, and where I walk when it’s icy out.

Bike paths

I can’t say enough good about them. More, more, more.

Farmer’s Market

Another community gift. Fresh local food. Yummies. Art. Fun. Need I say more?

South Peninsula Hospital

It may sound strange, but I just love all those friendly folks caregiving up there round the clock to help me get back on my feet every time I do something dumb and end up in the Emergency Room. My Mama and Daddy crossed over there, so I feel a special bond. We are so lucky to have it in our midst. I feel secure feeling knowing it’s close by, where people I have known for years will take good care of me.

Love, Mossy

Mairiis (Mossy) Kilcher is a lifelong Homer resident since the 1940s who loves art, music, birds and animals, and lives at Seaside Farm.