Point of View: Capitalism overshadows democracy — and that must change

Lela Ryterski

Lela Ryterski

We are so enamored with Capitalism. Trump represents money. Money is God so Trump is God. Plus his toupee looks like gold. He is a ruthless capitalist — wheeling and dealing. He’s shafted workers and contractors. They had to put a lien on his property. He finally paid them. I think he likes to make people beg for his money — make ‘em squeal. Dunleavy is following his playbook with the State’s money. Are those the actions of honorable men?

Trump is a climate change denier. Even if most of the pollution is coming from India and China, does that mean we should open more coal plants because money is more important than people’s health?

Trump’s accomplished opening sacred lands, monuments and sensitive areas to oil drilling and lessened regulations so that extraction, degradation and destruction can proceed unimpeded.

He’s a human rights denier. He’s separated hundreds of children from their parents. Eight have died so far as I know. And he blames Obama for it? Huh?

Trump bashed Obama relentlessly — lying until the country thought it was the truth that he’s a Muslim (which he isn’t), and not born in this country (which he was). As if that even mattered. Let’s see Trump’s tax returns. That’s more telling of who a person is.

The Republicans blocked Obama at every turn so he had a hard time getting anything done. Nevertheless, he managed to do several humanitarian things like DACA and environmental saves like ANWR and stopped the Keystone pipeline. He most importantly brought us out of a recession,

Trump is trying to undo every program Obama put in place including Obamacare, and throw people off health insurance simply because Obama did it. Divisive, hate-filled rhetoric continues. (And Trump’s crying because people are calling him out for what he’s actually doing.)

During the impeachment hearing the Republicans tried to dishonor another witness, Lt. Col. Vindman, who dedicated his life to serve the U.S. He had received calls from the Ukrainian government offering him some government position. He dismissed those calls as strange and amusing and never considered it. However, the Republicans keep stressing that he received these offers (not mentioning that he refused them). I wouldn’t be surprised if they orchestrated those offers themselves in order to undermine him as a witness. I expect underhanded tactics from President Trump.

People in Hong Kong are waving the American flag because they’re fighting for democracy. We’re a symbol of democracy that the world looks up to. But according to several Republicans I’ve spoken to, we’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.

And, frankly, I don’t think they want a democracy. They just want what they want and will get it any way they can. They have lots of money and can buy air time (read propaganda), and people.

The Democrats aren’t impervious, for the sake of money or power, to subverting democracy in other ways. Our president wasn’t even elected democratically, meaning most of the people didn’t vote for him. Our country is still struggling for democracy. Capitalism is overshadowing democracy. This must change for everyone’s sake.

Lela Ryterski is a retired teacher, she has lived in Homer on and off since 2001 and full time since 2013.

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