Point of View: Grateful for the hidden ‘good’

Gratitude: Noun

The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

The state or quality of being grateful or thankful; a warm and friendly feeling in response to a favor or favors received; thankfulness.

Synonyms: See grateful.

I will be the first to admit that in our world today it is sometimes easier to see those things we view as “wrong” or unhelpful. The seemingly louder, negative issues around us get more attention and can obfuscate seeing things that are good or edifying. “Good,” more often than not, is a quiet thing. What do I mean?

Did you know for the last few years there has been a small nonprofit program in Ninilchik called the Ninilchik Saturday Lunch Program? This started because someone heard there were hungry kids at the school. Every weekend they provide more than 60 take-home bags of food for kids who will not have enough to eat over the weekend. Over longer breaks, they provide more food. They provide weekend food for every child K-6 in Ninilchik School. They provide enough so even those who might not need the food can take food if they want. This generosity makes sure no child feels singled out or less than because of their need. Fighting child hunger is one of the best ways to help kids be more attentive and successful in school. Enabled by grassroots support, the caring, generous hearts of a few volunteers who run this program are amazing.

I am aware that recently a few caring souls just spent two weeks helping a friend with the last few days of his life. They got him home from Anchorage so he could pass away in Homer. They kept him comfortable, making sure he received his pain medication, visiting with him 24/7, feeding him, and caring for all his personal needs. All this was done for the sake of friendship and compassion. They did it because they cared and it was right to do.

The truth is, good things go on around us, and most times, we don’t even know they are happening.

I am grateful for many things. I’m grateful that I’m with the love of my life. I’m grateful I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’m grateful for the community in which I live and the giving, generous hearts that give back over and over making this a better place to live. I’m grateful I get to be a small part of that community.

Do a hidden good. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Miller is the Executive Director of the Homer Foundation. The Homer Foundation is a community foundation that has been serving the philanthropic needs of the southern Kenai Peninsula for 30 years. In that time, they have distributed more than $3.6 millioin in grants and scholarships. If you want to know more about the Homer Foundation please visit our website www.homerfoundation.org.

November 2021 Nonprofit Needs

Homer Community Food Pantry is looking for Thanksgiving items: boxes of stuffing, canned pumpkin, cream of mushroom soup, cranberry sauce, canned green beans, canned corn andcanned sweet potatoes. Drop off on Mondays at Homer Methodist Church.

Haven House is also looking for Thanksgiving goods: onions, celery, fresh cranberries (two bags), apples and oranges, fresh sweet potatoes (seven), mayonnaise, cranberry jello (two packages), can whole cranberry sauce (two), raspberry and grape jelly, evaporated milk (four), cranberry, and orange juice, Cool Whip (two). Contact maggie@havenhousealaska.org.

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic and the teen center, The R.E.C. Room, are looking for the following items: small desk, Christmas lights, kitchenware set (bowls, forks, spoons, cups, and plates), plastic organizing shelves for art supplies, guitar strings,varidesk for client services, ergonomic under desk stool, phone tripod, small baskets, comfy chairs, two round conference tables and rainbow flag masks. Contact Sierra at recroom@kbfpc.org.

Homer Council on the Arts is seeking volunteers to help with setup and takedown for the Nutcracker Faire, Dec. 3 and 5. Contact HCOA at 235-4288 or hcoa@homerart.org.