Point of View: Reflecting on a year of growth and resilience

A message from the superintendent

By Clayton Holland

Dear students, families, community, and staff members,

As we come together to celebrate the graduation ceremonies across the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, I have been reflective about the year and am also filled with gratitude for the outstanding students, staff, families, and communities on the Kenai. It truly takes all of us to make our schools work at a high level and to produce the outstanding students that we do.

Graduation serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of education and its impact on shaping the lives of our students. It is a celebration of our students’ achievements, resilience, growth, and highlights their potential to make a positive difference in our communities and beyond. Graduation is a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for our students and the bright futures they are destined to create.

Graduation is also a time to acknowledge the unwavering dedication, time, and care the exceptional staff of the KPBSD have invested in our students throughout their educational journey. Regardless of their backgrounds or life circumstances, our collective goal has always been to guide students towards graduation and to equip them with the necessary tools to thrive. Our staff members are more than educators; they are role models who embody kindness, patience, structure, academic rigor, and the ability to foster critical thinking and reflection in our students. Their tireless efforts form the bedrock of our students’ future achievements as they venture beyond the realm of K-12 education. To all our staff, I extend my gratitude for everything you have done and continue to do for our students, their families, and our communities. Your impact is immeasurable.

I want to also express my appreciation to the families and community members of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Your unwavering support and active involvement in the education of our students have been instrumental in their success. You have played a crucial role in shaping the lives of our children, providing them with a strong foundation and a nurturing environment in which to thrive. Your commitment to their growth and well-being has been evident in the countless hours you have spent volunteering, attending parent-teacher conferences, and actively engaging in school activities. Your partnership has created a vibrant and supportive community that values education and the development of our young minds. On behalf of the entire district, I extend my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your dedication and support of our students. Together, we are building a strong future for the Kenai Peninsula School District and the entire Kenai Peninsula Borough.

This year has been one of resurgence for our schools. We have witnessed a remarkable rebound and are now fostering a renewed sense of trust and belief in our schools across the peninsula. The successful passage of the school bond package and full funding from the Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor and Assembly have opened doors for growth and improvement.

Looking ahead, we are driven by a spirit of vision and planning. Our mission is Supporting Students in Life Success; this is reflected in the district’s five-year strategic plan which is in place and outlines our goals and aspirations for the future. This forward-thinking approach ensures our unwavering commitment to continuously enhancing education in our district by constantly adapting to meet the evolving needs of our students and focusing on the pillars of student success, school climate and safety, and family and community engagement. We are committed to providing an educational environment that nurtures and empowers our students, as well as preparing them for a lifetime of learning and accomplishments.

To all our students, families, staff members, and community, I wish you an amazing summer filled with rejuvenation and joy. Your perseverance, hard work, growth, and dedication have made this year a testament to the strength of our community. As we continue on this dynamic journey together, let us forge ahead, empowering our students to build a brighter future for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the entire Kenai Peninsula Borough.

With heartfelt appreciation and warmest regards,

Clayton Holland is superintendent of Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.