Point of View: Seniors should vote ‘no’ on Ballot Measure 2

Ballot Measure 2 could work against interests of seniors

My name is Peter Zuyus, a senior, a senior citizen advocate and co-chair of Defend Alaska Elections (DAE) against Alaska Ballot Measure 2.

On Nov. 3 we are being asked to vote on Alaska Ballot Measure No. 2, “Ranked Choice Voting” (RCV), which will eliminate everyone’s access to “one person – one vote” that is the basis of how American citizens have voted for over 200 years. You will no longer be able to exercise your constitutional right to vote for the person of your choice.

As seniors, we have long valued that sacred voting right of all American citizens. Yet, in this 2020 election there are anti-democracy groups from the Lower 48 trying to take away that right. If Alaska Ballot Measure No. 2 passes, Democrats will be forced to vote for Republicans; Republicans will be forced to vote for Democrats; and Independent voters will have little choice.

These revisionist groups are promoting ranked choice voting which replaces our one person-one vote system, forcing you to vote for all politicians on a ballot or on an issue which ranks only certain choices and you will not be allowed to just vote “no.”

The chart above is an example that could happen with ranked choice voting — no good choices but all bad results.

You are not given a choice to vote “no” and save funding for senior programs.

As Alaska seniors we must step up, save our democratic voting system and leave our children, grandchildren and families with the strong legacy that we stood for one person-one vote and chose to defend and protect both the Alaskan and American way of life. We need to lead by example.

History is full of examples of societies and countries that turned their backs on seniors in times of economic stress or political pressure. In World War I and World War II, Russia and Germany deemed seniors as “burdens” and killed millions of seniors. Today, European countries have legislated that seniors are a burden and can be denied medical treatment and euthanized to benefit society. Even now, during our COVID-19 pandemic, some politicians have corralled healthy and sick seniors together under the banner of “protecting the rest of the population,” causing thousands of seniors to die. Ranked choice voting can give them even greater power to do just that.

Seniors in Alaska are from all political perspectives and we must unite to defeat Alaska Ballot Measure No. 2 with a strong no on Nov. 3. Together we must do our best to stop the loss of voting rights and not allow a slick campaign to overthrow our democracy.

Get out and vote “no” on Alaska Ballot Measure 2 on Nov. 3 — and make sure your family and friends understand what it means so they get out and vote NO, also.

Generations of Alaskans and Americans will thank us as we pass the torch of protecting our democracy and republic that is almost 250 years old. Let’s stand up together to ensure the right to vote.

Our children and grandchildren will be proud and thankful that we stood firm and protected democracy in Alaska and the United States.

For more information about the problems with RCV you can go to: www.defendalaskaelections.com.

Peter Zuyus is co-chair of Defend Alaska Elections (DAE) against Alaska Ballot Measure 2. Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2, Anchorage, Alask, John Sturgeon, chair, approved this message. Top three contributors are Alaska Republican Party, Anchorage, Alsaka; State Republican Leadership Committee, Washington, D.C., and Americans for Prosperity Action, Arlington, Virginia.