Point of View: Socialist ideas stepping stone to ruin

Our country is in more jeopardy than it has since World War II, only this time the threat is from within. It is the socialist ideas being brought forth both by the young people of the country, but also by the elected people in all levels of government. Socialism is a stepping stone to dictatorships and to a country’s ruin. See how Russia, the Third Reich, Argentina, and hundreds of other countries have been ruined. It only takes a little socialism to ruin things — look at England and Australia.

Socialism looks good to these people because it caters to their basic lust of greed. They want everything for free. They give no thought to who is going to pay for their freebies. When these schemes run out of money, the government (who is in charge of the freebies) uses force to finance the schemes, trying to keep them going. It leads to shortages, no food, long delays in medical help, commerce coming to an end because of lack of materials, and many other results that are counter to prosperity.

Our government, mainly the federal government, but many times state and local government, are into overreach. They do things that are not favorable to the public, but to major donors, to leftist organizations, to billionaire progressives, etc. You and I are not considered. These people that we vote in swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and then immediately go contrary, attempting to pass laws that violate our rights to free speech, our right to due process, and our rights to keep and bear arms.

They are committing treason without any repercussion, no penalty. Now they are leaning to kill off our progeny (babies) after they are born. They call this “post birth abortions.” I thought when you kill a person it was called murder. So, here’s my take on this. If we can’t charge these politicians with treason, perhaps we can do a “post birth abortion” on them. After they’re over 60 years of age, and prove they are un-American enemies of our State, maybe we can abort them totally within the law.

We Americans need to assess the direction our whims are taking our nation. Think about it.

Gregory McCullough is a 53-year Homer resident and a retired city government employee.