Point of View: ‘Tis the season of the vote

We celebrate many seasons and events throughout the year, secular, religious, astrological, and now is “The Season of the Vote.” Let’s celebrate by acknowledging who and where we are now as a city, borough, state and nation and then decide where to go from here. This season is quite short. There is one election of city and borough representatives and issues on Oct. 6t and one for our state and national representatives and leaders on Nov. 3.

I believe we all want our voices heard, especially when it comes to who we want representing us at every level of government. We can share our opinions verbally, in writing, and by putting up or holding signs. But the only action that ultimately counts is what we put on our ballots. It is a privilege to be able to vote, and, indeed our duty as citizens of this country.

Many people choose to continue to vote in person on Election Day. Many will participate in early voting, which begins Sept. 21. And a growing number of people in Alaska are opting to vote by mail.

We’ve all heard people are worried that their “mail-in” ballots will not be counted. There is a lot of help available to assure that does not happen. Last week the Kenain Peninsul Borough sent out the election brochure complete with information on all the candidates and the issues being decided on Oct. 6. On page 6 is an Absentee Ballot Application, with pages 5, 7 and 8 giving thorough instructions on how to fill out and submit it properly. Sept 29 is the deadline to apply for the Absentee Ballot by mail.

To be sure your vote will be counted, be accurate and thorough filling out the ballot, be sure to have your signature witnessed and mail it in early — a week before election day would be great. Election day is Oct. 6, so try to have your ballot in the mail by Sept. 26. However, it must be postmarked no later than Oct. 6. In short, when filling out your absentee ballot, be accurate, thorough and early, and don’t be shy to ask for help.

There is help; please access it if needed. For questions, feel free to call the borough at 1-833-796-8683 or 1-907-714-8683, or the borough clerk at 907-714-2160. Or. go to www.kpb.us/assembly-clerk/elections/election-seats for a wide range of detailed information on the borough candidates and propositions.

For Homer specific information, please go to www.cityofhomer-ak.gov/cityclerk/municipal-election, or call the the Homer city clerk at 907-235-3130.

You matter, your voice matters, your vote matters.

Please vote. The future is counting on you.

Kate Finn is a member of Kenai Peninsula Votes (KPV), a non-partisan group that strongly encourages each eligible voter to make the effort to have their voice heard through these upcoming elections.

Editor’s note: This opinion piece has been updated to correct an editing error which printed the wrong date for the start of early voting. Early voting starts on Sept. 21.