Judy Flora stands among columbine in Homer, Alaska, on June 29, 2018, her penchant for the flowers realized. (Photo by Rosemary Fitzpatrick)

Keep gardens manageable

Now this is a truly beautiful Sunday night. Peaceful, soft breeze, bird song and a garden that will bloom sooner rather than later. Garden parties… Continue reading

Judy Flora stands among columbine in Homer, Alaska, on June 29, 2018, her penchant for the flowers realized. (Photo by Rosemary Fitzpatrick)
Forget-me-nots add a welcome burst of blue. (Photo by Rosemary Fitzpatrick)

Perennials are the stars of the show

In this little garden herbaceous plants are the stars of the show. These are the soft-stemmed perennials that die back every fall, hang out underground… Continue reading

Forget-me-nots add a welcome burst of blue. (Photo by Rosemary Fitzpatrick)

Kachemak Gardener

You noticed. I know you did. I have faith in you. May 17th the leaves unfurled, the air smelled like spring, the ground said “go… Continue reading

Think about trees in gardening

Trees. They are somewhat problematic. Their size, the years it takes to reach maturity, placement. They take thought and, to some extent, money. You don’t… Continue reading

Keep weeding even though it’s chilly

This would be an ideal time for you to pick out a spot on your lawn and turn it into a vegetable patch. Seriously. Now.… Continue reading

Area greenhouses offer broad, beautiful selection

What a stunning day. We three friends did a commercial greenhouse tour and really, why does anyone start plants from seed? The offerings were gorgeous;… Continue reading

Take time to smell the roses – but also manage them

I stepped out the door this afternoon and the air was thrumming. The sound was somewhat like a chorus toning. It took a few minutes… Continue reading

Cranes and porcupines invade

Sandhill crane mayhem. There they are, flinging seedlings over their shoulders, digging potatoes and drilling them full of holes with their powerful beaks. All with… Continue reading

Take care of tools to take care of your garden

I have a new tool and I think I may be in love. It is a torch that I can use standing up to burn… Continue reading

Remember: Your garden is from your heart

Every growing season the garden is a different story. We gardeners never know what is going to thrive or stall. This year I have Magic… Continue reading

August is here, but garden season perseveres

We are now deep into the growing season and the vegetable harvest is well underway. All of the Romanesque cauliflower is in the freezer and… Continue reading

Strawberries worth the effort

Strawberries are fraught with enemies. For you to have a bowl of these beauties on your kitchen counter you need to put in some effort.… Continue reading

This is your year to garden – There’s no reason not to

I think about you. You who have never gardened. You who have tried and failed. You who have gone big and really need to see… Continue reading

There’s still work to do in Homer gardens

Editor’s Note: This is the Kachemak Gardener’s last column of the season.If fate led me to become an apple vendor I would make a slim… Continue reading

Apple tree produces fruit this year

Those of you who grow apples have scoffed at my columnar apple tree. It has been said that it isn’t a “real” apple tree. But,… Continue reading

Thank climate change for magnolia blooms in Homer

A magnolia in bloom right here at latitude 59 degrees 39 minutes north. Now that’s something to write home about. Well-known Homer gardener Shirley Forquer… Continue reading

Don’t be afraid to move your plants around

I went to a friends garden this week because she is frustrated with what she has going on. I truly think being overwhelmed by your… Continue reading

Berries bursting out all over

Where to start? The last two weeks have been so full, so interesting, so busy. And all of this in the garden. I can’t imagine… Continue reading

A garden is much more than blooms, berries

Warm temperatures and just enough rain. What gardener could ask for more? The garden has resoundingly responded. Lush. Productive. Gorgeous. In the 44 years I’ve… Continue reading

Want to be a happy gardener? Think small

Just when I think the entire world is going to hell I make an excellent discovery: a neighbor with a vegetable garden that is exactly… Continue reading