Grandchildren in the garden: pure joy

For the last two weeks this garden has been put to excellent use — grandchildren. Our daughter, Andrea, came “home” with her daughters. These two… Continue reading

Rain or shine, make time for garden party

Mysterious weather. On Sunday morning, with rain threatening, I watered. Even though we had a deluge the day before the ground really isn’t all that… Continue reading

Weeding, watering: Opportunities to see what’s happening

I was recently asked a very simple question: What is the best thing happening in your garden right now? Without missing a beat I replied:… Continue reading

Four thoughts for beginning gardeners

My mind is jam packed with worry about you new gardeners. You are at the forefront of my thought process. What to do about you?… Continue reading

Get your ducks in a row, be ready to plant

This is the very most excellent time of year. I found myself in the unenviable position of cooling my heels in a waiting room, on… Continue reading

Gardener’s mantra: Be patient, spring is coming

What a glorious day.  The heat has been turned on in the greenhouse and the high/low thermometer is in place. If the heaters are holding… Continue reading

Winter: Time to plan for next gardening season

Yes, I am still watering the window box. Yes, I regret pulling the tuber begonias out of said box weeks and weeks ago. They are… Continue reading

Believe it or not, there’s still time to garden

Well, this is awkward. I have not done much in my garden since planting bulbs last week. Nary a weed has been pulled, and there… Continue reading

Bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs; now’s the time for planting

I find it a bit unusual to compose a bouquet in October of lilacs, roses, primroses and pale yellow trollius. Lovely yes, odd — definitely. … Continue reading

Kale finds place in garden, freezer

I have embraced kale. Last growing season I started four plants by directly seeding them into the plot. It was a very long time before… Continue reading

No slugs devouring this Homer garden

Slugs? Slugs? What slugs? There aren’t any in this garden. They must be in yours. Or, better yet, the ice sheet of winter past got… Continue reading

Last year’s loss an opportunity to try something new

Egad! Methinks it has been a whole month since I last talked to you. There is much to be said, put down your gardening tools… Continue reading

Gardens soak up the summer sunshine

This is proving to be an astounding growing season. The vegetable garden is producing with a single-minded purpose — to fill our freezer.  I have… Continue reading

When it comes to gardening, follow this advice: Do what pleases you

So there I am, my friend has asked me about his honeysuckle that has three live leaves. It was planted six inches from the wall… Continue reading

Finding right spot for right plant perennial challenge for gardeners

The iris setosa (our native iris) thrives in a very boggy area of the garden. There are even marsh marigolds tucked in among them. Whenever… Continue reading

Damage from winter’s ice presents Homer gardeners with all sorts of opportunities

It is a tad difficult to be upbeat when the majority of the plants in my perennial beds are dead. I will consider this an… Continue reading

Give seedlings time to acclimate to spring

The seedlings have been lingering in the greenhouse longer than intended. Gee, I wonder why ... They are close to root bound and need more… Continue reading

Be prepared for a late gardening start

It is cold. Really cold. So as I bundled up and reminded myself that I do indeed live at latitude 59 degrees north and that… Continue reading

Now’s the time to think about trees, shrubs

"April is the cruellest month ..." –— T.S.Eliot And here we are enduring a very nasty April indeed. We have been given mostly snow today.… Continue reading

Stay true to this: Garden for yourself

Editor’s Note: For 20 years Rosemary Fitzpatrick encouraged area gardeners in her column in the Homer News, the Kachemak Gardener. She took a break, but… Continue reading