Letters to the Editor

Voter information pamphlets

Dear President Brent Johnson and Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly legislators,

I urge you not to amend the code that mandates you to mail voter information pamphlets to all registered voters. We should all be doing everything in our power to increase voter education and turnout, not limiting or diminishing access to important, balanced information in any way. Certainly, there are other means to this material, but we should look for more, not fewer, ways to provide access and to encourage informed voting. Please do not discontinue mailing printed informational pamphlets to every registered voter.

Ken Landfield


Why hide the truth

Dear Editor,

You won’t hear about it from MSM because they are hiding it from you, but Elon Musk has released some amazing information about crimes he alleges were commented by our government. Musk suggests that Twitter was essentially acting as a secret government subsidiary, shutting down Twitter accounts and regulating content at the request of FBI, DHS, and DOJ officials to censor free speech and push a government narrative. He says government officials conspired to covertly influence the 2020 election and to also hide information about Covid-19 from the American people. If what Elon Musk has released is true, this is not only a violation of the first amendment but also amounts to a Coup D’état conducted by members of our government against a sitting president; a treasonous act. The intentional suppression of potential alternative Covid-19 treatments violates the Nuremberg code and could amount to a war crime violation. These are big deals, and the left-wing media has intentionally kept you in the dark on the issue. Maybe they are afraid you will discover that what the FBI did is no different from what the secret police do in third-world countries. Our congressional delegation needs to look into this and hold someone accountable.


Greg Sarber

Thank you to Homer Foundation

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Homer Foundation’s City of Homer Grants Program for the unrestricted general operating grant that, combined with other philanthropic support, allowed us to be agile as an organization, adapting to the needs of our community in 2022. Our clinic added four new services that support reproductive and sexual health on the Southern Kenai Peninsula, the REC peer education program added a podcast to the ways they share evidence-based sexual health information with hundreds of teens around Kachemak Bay in-person and virtually, and the REC Room continued to be a safe, after school space with free, organized programs, positive adult mentors, and a comfortable hangout for middle and high school students. Both our clinic and youth programs foster resiliency and help strengthen community well-being. Thank you!


Claudia Haines, CEO

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

Thank you to Homer Foundation

The Saturday Lunch Program of Ninilchik would like to thank the Homer Foundation for their generous support. Receiving the YAK grant means so much! The grant monies will contribute to the improvement of the “Cooking club” activities with needed appliances .

A processor, mixer and vita mix blender .

Bless you !

In His service

Linda Hawkins

Climate Nonsense

Climate changes are not from human emissions. CO2 as a greenhouse gas has a negligible effect upon earth’s


Proxy data from past eons shows that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere FOLLOWS the increase in temperature. This is because the warming of the waters releases much of the CO2 contained in cooler water.

Government agencies have been distorting data in order to clamp down on us. Carbon rationing is being proposed.

Climate alarm zealots are serving the interests of those who would subjugate us, worldwide.

Tod Tenhoff

Not about book banning

The recent controversy over where LGBTQ+ books should be located in the library was an interesting commentary on our society and culture. Many people labeled the effort to have these books moved from the childrens’ section of the library to the general collection as book banning. In my opinion this request was not about book banning, but about being responsible adults and allowing parents the opportunity to help children learn about different ideas in an age appropriate manner.

I am currently reading “Barbarians Inside the Gates” by Thomas Sowell and found one section of the book particularly relevant to this issue. Mr. Sowell wrote: “Parents have not only a right but a duty to object when their children are being used as objects for other people’s ideological crusades, especially when brainwashing replaces education in the public schools. Let the ideologues argue their ideas openly with adults in the marketplace of ideas, not take cowardly advantage of children behind their parents’ backs.”

This situation did not involve the public schools, but it could have. I hope we can have better conversations in the future.

Merry Christmas!

Charlie Franz