Homer Flex School January Phoenix Award recipient: Audrey Dabney

Each month, the school staff choose a student to receive the Homer Flex Phoenix Award based on their embodiment of the school’s core values: respect, productivity and ownership.

There are few students that completely encompass the values we hold at Flex like senior Audrey Dabney. She is an intrinsically motivated learner who works very hard at every task, does her very best, and supports those around her.

Audrey is incredibly humble, leads by quiet example, and is a wonderful example of how to be a kind human. She’s a great friend and engaged community member. Audrey is the student we aspire to be. We will miss her presence here at Flex, but wish her the best as she moves forward into life beyond high school.

Information submitted by Homer Flex. Note: The student is chosen at the end of each month, so the date of the award is behind the date of the current paper.