Lemieux-Pietrowski wins Phoenix award

Diane Lemieux-Pietrowski receives April Flex Phoenix Award for academic motivation and community involvement.

The April recipient of the Homer Flex High School Phoenix Award is Sophomore Diane Lemieux-Pietrowski.

Each month, the school staff choose a student to receive the Homer Flex Phoenix Award based on their embodiment of the school’s core values: respect, productivity, and ownership.

Despite being quiet and to herself, Diane is a large part of the Flex community. She is academically motivated, works hard (even when there is a sub), and is willing to try new things. Diane is consistently engaged in community activities, whether it be our pancake breakfasts, the garden or community clean ups. Diane is a welcoming member of our community who isn’t afraid to let you know what she really thinks about something, and knows how to advocate for herself. We are very fortunate to have Diane as part of the Flex family.