Orderly, lawful election is what matters to Alaskans

Steve Strait’s lawsuit against the state of Alaska’s approval of the Walker-Mallott no-party gubernatorial ticket will backfire on the Alaska Republican Party, or ARP.

Strait and Frank McQueary, a financial supporter of the lawsuit, are among the chairman-appointees to the ARP executive committee. Party regulars whisper the appointees are the character assassination-litigation hit squad. These facts don’t matter. Proceeding with an orderly, lawful election is what matters.

Alaska’s Division of Elections has posted the sample general election ballot for all Alaska districts on its official website. Screenshots have been posted on Facebook. Vets already are voting, as official ballots have been mailed to U.S. military members. An orderly election is under way. To disrupt this election would be breaking the law.

The Republican Party is represented on the ballot with the Parnell-Sullivan ticket. So what’s the problem?

Political parties are in a bad habit of alienating, embarrassing, or infuriating Alaskans with their “never-fight-fair” politics. Most folks will recognize Strait’s actions as despicable with purpose to destroy an ongoing orderly election process.

Despicable revisited: In 2012, we held our state ARP convention in Anchorage, attended to important policy decisions and elected new state officers. New leaders were legitimately elected by hundreds of Alaskans who paid hefty registration fees, travel and hotel costs. The outgoing ARP administration didn’t agree with the election outcome. Immediately the ARP executive committee began plotting to “nullify” a legitimate election. 

Were Strait and party leaders concerned then about disenfranchisement of Alaskans, their fellow Republicans? No. Instead they relentlessly attacked the elected officers, ousted them, and replaced them with “acceptable” individuals. 

Is Strait genuinely concerned today about disenfranchised Alaska Democrats with the Walker-Mallott no-party ticket? No. His litigation is disingenuous. It’s all about keeping power for the acceptable people.

When corruption or disregard of the election process or election results are identified, Alaskans have a responsibility to stop it.

When I served as state party chairman in 2013, I sent termination letters to 100 percent of the “chairman-appointed” executive committee. I gave it my best shot.

I am disgusted by the way my GOP is behaving these days. I remain hopeful that more Alaskans will stand up against lies and political shenanigans. Fight back with a united voice, by voting on Nov. 4.

I also expect the Alaska Court System to act swiftly to dismiss Strait’s disruptive lawsuit. Alaskans demand an orderly election process.

Debbie Brown has lived in Alaska 40 years. She served the Kenai Peninsula Borough in various positions for more than 20 years, and has decades of service to the Alaska Republican Party, including terms as a member of the state central committee, district chair, and statewide chair and vice chair.