Ravn to charge baggage fees for all passengers

Tickets purchased prior to Sept. 1 will not be subject to the revised fees

Ravn Alaska on Thursday began charging for baggage for all passengers.

Per the new baggage fees available on Ravn Alaska’s website, all passengers are now expected to pay $30 for their first bag, $40 for a second, and $100 for any additional bags. Any bags found to be greater than 50 pounds or otherwise oversize will cost $100.

Previously, bag fees were waived for Alaska residents with up to two bags. Nonresidents paid $15 for one bag, and an additional $25 for two. At the third bag, both Alaska residents and nonresidents would be charged $50. A bag that weighed more than 50 pounds but less than 70 pounds would cost $75 and a bag heavier than that would cost $100.

One carry-on bag is still allowed per passenger at no cost, as long as the bag is within certain dimensions and weighs no more than 20 pounds. These bags have to remain with each passenger and be stowed either below the seat or in another approved area.

The change was announced Wednesday night in an email to Ravn users.

Ravn Chief Commercial Officer Tina Hanley said the change was made pretty quickly, only having been in the works for “between seven and 10 days.”

“Our fuel costs have doubled and the cost of labor has increased 60%, so as hard as we’ve tried to keep our costs down, we’ve been unable to do so,” Hanley said. “We’ve had to pass that on in the form of baggage fees.”

To determine the new prices, Hanley said Ravn mirrored the baggage fees imposed by Alaska Airlines. The new prices are in line with those listed by the other airline.

Tickets purchased prior to Sept. 1 will not be subject to the revised fees, even if their flight is scheduled for after the change.

For a complete list of Ravn Alaska baggage policies, visit ravnalaska.com/bags.