Revenue Department announces 2021 PFD amount

It’s a little more filling than last year.

The Alaska Department of Revenue announced the 2021 Permanent Fund dividend amount on Thursday.

Eligible Alaskans will receive $1,114 beginning in early-to-mid October, according to the department. Alaskans who filed electronically and chose direct deposit will see funds disbursed beginning the week of Oct. 11. Other application and disbursement methods will start throughout the month, including those requesting paper checks, which will begin to go out on Oct. 25.

About 90% of Alaskans filed electronically in 2021, according to the PFD Division, and 95% signed electronically. Both of these are record numbers, according to the revenue department. Filing and signing electronically speeds the process and increases accuracy.

This will be the 40th year of the PFD, according to the revenue department, with more than $26 billion distributed to Alaskans through the program. Last year’s PFD dividend was $992.

Alaska residents can check the status of their PFD at

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