Studded tires off April 15 on southern peninsula

Studded tires cause damage on dry pavement, officials said

Central Kenai Peninsula motorists must remove studded tires by the end of the month, according to a press release from the Department of Public Safety, while those operating vehicles on the Southern Kenai Peninsula must removed studded tires by April 15.

For motorists operating vehicles above the 60 North latitude line, which includes all portions of the Sterling Highway, studded tires must be removed by May 1. For those driving below that line and not on the Sterling Highway — in Southeast Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak and the Southern Kenai Peninsula — studs need to be off by April 15.

DPS said studded tires cause damage on dry pavement. The department estimates damages to roadways from studded tires cost approximately $13.7 million each year.

After the deadline, motorists can be issued citations if they continue to drive with studded tires. DPS also encourages people to check local regulations, because some areas have their own ordinances regarding studded tires.

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