Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Captain’s Coffee

Dear Editor,

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to Captain’s Coffee for the respect they have shown to the 13 servicemen and women killed in Kabul, Afghanistan last week. They did so by placing 13 American flags on the front of their building, one for each of the individuals who died. These brave individuals lost their lives helping in the evacuation from the airport over there.

Military service members represent the best and brightest that our country has to offer, and it is important that we honor and respect their sacrifice. Thank you, Captain’s Coffee, for honoring our deceased military service members. Your patriotism and thoughtfulness are appreciated.


Greg Sarber

Surviving COVID-19

I’m finally getting past 10 days of weakness, standard symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. I was scared going into it. Now I’m past it. I feel accomplished!

Best regards, folks.

Tod Tenhoff

Thanks to Homer Foundation for Eveline trail improvement funding

The Kachemak Nordic Ski Club (KNSC) would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of $2,500 made by the Homer Foundation Community Grants Committee from the Gooseberry Fund toward the cost of trimming and flattening the Eveline State Recreational Site perimeter trail. Eveline is a popular local trail system through beautiful summer wildflowers and wintery snowy vistas located off Alpine Meadows Drive at 14 mile East End Road. The land was donated by the late Edmund Schuster to honor his wife Eveline and is managed by the ski club. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery and easy walking supported by the Homer Foundation Community Grants Committee! Remember that dogs must be on a leash and pick up after your dog.

Thank you Homer Foundation Community Grants Committee!

Nicky Szarzi, KNSC volunteer

Alaskans should do their duty

Newly vaccinated Alaskans 18 years and up can win up to $49,000 or a scholarship for 12-18 year olds up to $49,000 just for being vaccinated against COVID-19.

In my 85 years in Alaska,I could never have dreamed that much public money could be given to anyone for simply doing their duty to protect themselves, as well as others around them.

As an elementary student in Douglas, Alaska in the 1940s, smallpox, polio and diphtheria shots were mandatory prior to entering a public school in order to protect the community from those deadly viruses.

A half-million deaths is not enough to require vaccinations for adults and students to do the right thing to avoid being possible carriers or infectors ?

This is not the Alaska I fought for in 1952. Welcome to the United States of Aberration.

John A. Anderson, Kenai.

Grateful for water-trail website upgrade

The Kachemak Bay Water Trail Committee is proud to announce the launch of our newly upgraded Water Trail website at www.kachemakbaywatertrail.org. We want to share a public and profound thank you to the Homer Foundation Community Grants Committee and the donors that support the Opportunity Fund, an unrestricted fund managed by the Homer Foundation. With support from the above, the KBWT website underwent a complete redesign on the front end, with modern coding standards making it more user friendly, especially on mobile devices. The back end is functionally similar but easier to administer.

With a new look, new pictures, new information, the website will make your “Adventure Beyond The End of the Road” more convenient to plan and then carry out.

We also thank Tom Kerns of Tundra Technologies for his great work on the upgrade of our website.


Dave Brann and Robert Archibald, Co-Chairs,

Kachemak Bay Water Trail Committee