Letters to the Editor

Just imagine

First, imagine a president who is competent and compassionate, a fully capable yet humble person eloquent, honorable and wise.

Then, imagine voting for an unequivocal imposter, a criminally corrupt replicant if you will, possessing not a one of those truly desirable qualities above.

Well, I imagine now you might wish to confirm you are registered to vote and then use that vote to foster giving rise to the former, so as to prevent having to imagine the dishonor of any more of the latter.

Paul Zimmerman, Kasilof

Put south bay back in District 31

I was pleased to read in the Jan 16 Homer News that Rep Sarah Vance R-Homer supports the inclusion of the south Kachemak Bay communities of Seldovia and Halibut Cove into voting District 31 rather than as currently stuck in District 32.

Because I live in Halibut Cove, I was in the past disenfranchised of my right to participate in the Homer Democratic Party caucus for Presidential candidates several years ago and was told I must travel to either Cordova or Kodiak.

As a new election approaches, I hope to resume political involvement in District 31 with my Homer friends, since Homer is the town that services my medical, shopping, and social needs year round.

Diana Conway, Halibut Cove

Farmers Market thanks supporters

The Homer Farmers Market welcomes all growers of farm, garden, and greenhouse produce to participate in a weekly market. The Homer Farmers Market was established in 2000 to aid in the development of a sustainable local agricultural community for the benefit of the greater community of the Kachemak Bay area.

The market was also presented with a City of Homer Grant through the Homer Foundation. This grant provided funding provided the market with operation funds which were used to support our EBT/SNAP Program, a program that doubles QUEST (formally known as food stamps) benefits for recipients. Our market supports a more equitable and just food system and this is a small way we can help contribute to greater food security. Our SNAP doubling funding was provided by a very loving anonymous couple, who also share these values.

The Alaska Farmers Market Association, and parent organization Cook Inletkeeper provided the Homer Farmers Market with financial assistance (allocated from a USDA FMPP grant) to support our local market. With this funding our market produced a variety of marketing and advertising materials, helping our market grow and increasing economic opportunity for our vendors. Our awesome Kids Activities was sponsored by Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware, with Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies conducting the weekly activities.

The Homer Farmers Market also sends a very special thank you to the entire Homer community for supporting our local farmers market. As a vibrant and integral piece of our local community and its economy, the Homer Farmers Market supports farmers, cottage food producers, local crafters, education, and so much more.

Thank you for your supporting Alaska’s farmers markets and growers.

Robbi Mixon, Director, Homer Farmers Market

Keep the Jet Ski ban

We are writing to oppose lifting the ban on personal watercraft, (specifically jet skis), in the Kachemak Bay and Fox River Flats Critical Habitat Areas.

As Homer residents who have lived on the shore of Kachemak Bay since 1997, we have a vested interest in protecting this very special place. Mr. Green, the Special Assistant to the Alaska Fish and Game Commissioner, was quoted in the Anchorage Daily News on Dec. 12, 2019 as saying, “We don’t see personal water craft as being any more damaging to fish and wildlife perpetuation than a 16-foot (boat).” As a power boat owner/operator of boats ranging from 8 feet to 30 feet since 1960, I challenge the accuracy of such a statement, especially as it pertains to the Critical Habitat Areas of Kachemak Bay and Fox River Flats.

For example, the operating characteristics of Jet Skis such as erratic noise caused by rapid acceleration and deceleration and the jumping of their own wakes and/or the wakes of other vessels such as fishing boats, tugs or ferries result in both airborne and waterborne nuisance noise that travels loudly over water. Such noise is not in accordance with Alaska Statute 16.20.500 “…to protect and preserve habitat areas especially crucial to the perpetuation of fish and wildlife and to restrict all other uses not compatible with that primary purpose.”

The basis for establishing the Jet Ski ban was based on 1,000’s of hours of collective scientific research by various organizations.

• 1995- The World Bank identified Kachemak Bay as a significant, important marine area worthy of Inclusion in their proposed system of Marine Protected Areas.

• 1999- Kachemak Bay Natural Estuarine Research Reserve was established, one of only 28 Research Reserves nation-wide.

• 2016- The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network declared Kachemak Bay was of “International Importance” because of it’s location on the Pacific Americas Flyway.

Equal access is not a logical argument to reverse a jet ski ban that has been in place for 19 years. Logic and sound science provide a preponderance of evidence to make the ban on Jet Skis in Kachemak Bay stand.

Mike and Cathy McCarthy

Thanks for foundation for truck

South Peninsula Haven House and Homer Thrift would like to thank the Homer Foundation,through the Bluegrass Fund for supporting our efforts towards obtaining a reliable 4-wheel drive truck. Having a reliable truck will support our continued efforts in providing employment security and on the job skills training for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Homer Thrift as an outlet of Haven House continues to extend our core values of compassion,dignity, and respect to the people of Homer and beyond.

Haven House would like to extend their appreciation to the Homer Foundation for continuing their support for non-profit agencies throughout Homer and the KenaiPeninsula.

Ronnie Leach and Liz Doan for the grateful staff at Homer Thrift and Haven House

City grant help appreciated

On behalf of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) and the R.E.C. Room (a Youth Resource & Enrichment Co-op), I want to thank the City of Homer for its support of area nonprofits. In 2019 KBFPC received a Homer Foundation – City of Homer grant for $2,989 which provided valuable general operating support. In addition, I thank the Homer Foundation for administering this important program.

The City of Homer grant brings more money into our community by providing important “match” funds that help our organization leverage resources from other funders. As part of our operating expenses, this grant supports good, year-round local jobs at the Clinic and the R.E.C. Room. It also helps us keep our promise to provide accessible reproductive health services all people in our community, regardless of their ability to pay.

Thanks to this grant and other generous support from our community, we provided screenings for breast and cervical cancer, birth control consultation and supplies, infertility and preconception counseling, pregnancy testing, and STD/STI testing and treatment for over 800 men and women in 2019. Each year we provide over 15,000 free condoms to the greater Homer community through our Clinic, outreach events, and the baskets we maintain at community hubs like the Fritz Creek General Store. These services empower people of all genders and sexualities to make informed choices about their health and their relationships.

Teens in Homer know the R.E.C. Room as a safe and welcoming place to meet with friends after school and get connected with other local resources. Over 900 young people participated in our youth education programs and positive afterschool activities, including school-based, peer-led health education, in 10 area schools (three schools in the City).

Community commitment and support make our work possible. Our thanks, again, to the City of Homer, the Homer Foundation, and all our community partners who support KBFPC to serve as a trusted source of up-to-date, accurate and affordable reproductive health care and education since 1983.

Amy Woodruff, KBFPC Board President

Thanks for ski team support

The Homer Mariners Ski Team held a successful fundraiser at the Besh Cup ski races last weekend. We would like to give a big thank you to a couple of wonderful local businesses for their generous donations. Two Sisters Bakery donated the delicious soup that was loved by all. Fritz Creek General Store donated fresh baked bread to be served with the soup. Most of the attendee’s at this event were from out of town, and appreciated the warm hearty lunch. The Ski Team was proud to be able to serve these donations.

Amy Stonorov