Homer’s Best Bets

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been mixing up its status questions. One week it was “How are you feeling?” and lately it’s been “What’s happening?” The Betster admits to being confused about these questions. Does Mark Zuckerman, the genius who created Facebook, think he has become the world’s psychologist? Do we really need prompts to fill in that status box?

Being like a trained writer and all, the Betster doesn’t need a Facebook prompt. That blank box is prompt enough. Huh — it’s kind of like this empty space at the back of the paper the Betster fills weekly. Write about the weather. Write about interesting things observed in the world. Avoid political commentary. Drop in a cute photo. Talk about fun things done and to do. Be kind. Mention holidays. Write about what you ate last night for dinner. 

Maybe Facebook thinks that with January being such a slug month we need some ideas for what to talk about. You have to admit that as this Homer crud rages through town, many of us have been lying low. Yeah, there’s a Facebook status update. How are you feeling? I feel like my head is full of cotton balls and someone has beaten me up with little ball-peen hammers. Who wants to hear that, though? No one wants to hear about the weather, either. 

Well, you say that sooner or later the weather will clear, perhaps after a nice little snow shower that covers all the brown, and we’ll notice that the sun actually sets after 5 p.m. now. Cheer up, Homer, because we’re almost to Alaska Marmot Day and halfway to spring. There’s still lots to do, like these Best Bets:


BEST ALL RIGHT TO ARTS BET: The nominations are in and the voting is done, and the winners are … No, not the Oscars. We’re talking the Homer Council on the Arts Awards. Meet some of this year’s winners and honor their achievements at HCOA’s annual meeting and awards presentation at 6 p.m. Friday at the HCOA office. See Arts, page 13, for the list of winners.


BEST GET WILD BET: Share wild-caught foods at the Sportsman’s Game Dinner at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Greatland Worship Center in Anchor Point. Guest speaker Randy McPherson from Mathews Bows speaks. For $10 you can buy a ticket for a drawing to win a Mathews or a Genesis bow. Admission is free.


BEST OH YEAH? BET: Well, actually in debates contestants don’t go, “Oh yeah?” They’re much more civil than that. See Homer High’s Drama, Debate and Forensics team compete in a DDF tournament at 3:30 p.m. Friday and starting at 8 a.m. Saturday at the high school. 


BEST ALWAYS GETTING READY BET: Gardeners and farmers know one way to cheer up this month: browse seed catalogs. Get ready for spring, too, at the Farmers’ Market Annual Meeting at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Kachemak Community Center. Bring a potluck dish to share and catch up on plans for next summer’s market seasons.


BEST RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS BET: Hang with some of the best dog mushers in the state at the Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race. You don’t have to watch — volunteer. Learn about opportunities at 3 p.m. Sunday at Captain’s Coffee with a volunteer training meeting. See Calendar, page 17, for details or visit www.tustumena200.com.