Pet of the week: Palmer

Introducing Palmer, “the strong silent type.” He’ll be up for adoption soon, but first he needs to have eye surgery. His right eye was injured at some point, and it never healed properly so now it needs to be removed. It won’t stop him from enjoying life, though; he’s used to vision out of one eye only. In fact, it will only make things better for him. He used to live outside, and therefore will need to find a family that allows him to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Since he’s been with the shelter, he has been quite shy and reserved but open to all the affection showered on him. So stay tuned for Palmer updates.

The animal shelter is located across from the Public Works Department off the Sterling Highway. The shelter’s business hours are noon-7 p.m. Tuesday, noon-5 p.m. Wednesday-Friday, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Closed Mondays. For more information, call 235-3141.